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Best CrossFit Shorts – We Review the Top 5!

CrossFit Shorts

With so many options out there, finding the best pair of CrossFit shorts can be a time consuming process.  Never the less, getting a great pair of shorts is one of the most important investments you’ll make in terms of CrossFit gear. When you’re out there tearing up your WOD, you want to make sure that your clothing is assisting you to reach ultimate performance. The ideal pair of CrossFit shorts needs to be lightweight and durable, and made of sweat wicking, quick drying and breathable fabric. The best CrossFit shorts will also sit firmly in place but still be comfortable as well as allowing your maximum maneuverability in every direction. A good looking pair of shorts doesn’t hurt either.

In this article, we’re rounding up the Top 5 of the best CrossFit shorts for men, reviewing all of the essential features like performance and durability, comfort and style as well as price, and showing you where to buy. We also take a quick peak at a couple of great options for CrossFit shorts for women.  Whatever your CrossFit workout needs, from your WOD to hybrid gym work there’s a pair of perfect CrossFit shorts out there for you. Check these out.

1. Rogue Fight Shorts

Rogue Fitness


The Rogue Fight Shorts from Rogue Fitness are a fantastic pair of  WOD shorts. They’re made of a thick, high quality 2 way stretch quick dry polyester fabric, with 6” side slits which allow for a massive range of full body motion.  Whether your doing dead lifts, squats, or kettle bells swings, you can be sure that these shorts will facilitate full range of motion.  These Crossfit workout shorts have a Velcro closure and drawstring waist, they’re also a great fit and they don’t have any pockets to get in your way. The Rogues also have triple stitched seams, made to withstand seriously tough wear and tear so they can really take a beating.

Pros: Rogue Fight shorts are made with heavy duty seams and fabric.
Cons: Rogue shorts don’t have any pockets.

Rogue Fitness Cross Fit fight-shorts-front_1

Rogue Fitness CrossFit Shorts

2. MC11 Men’s CrossFit Shorts

UN92 on Amazon



The MC11 Men’s CrossFit Shorts from UN92 on Amazon are another pair of great shorts, perfect for WODs.  These are made from a durable and quick drying 4 way stretch polyester with two 3” slits along the sides allowing for a good range of motion. The waist is a hook and loop closure with a drawstring to make for easy sizing, and they’re also built with a small front pocket. They’re a little shorter in the leg than a lot of other CrossFit shorts out there, so watch the sizing especially if you’re particularly tall. The MC11s come in a great range of colors and designs, shown here are the Sonic Blue pair but they also come in black, gray and red, yellow and black, and a military look camo style design.

Amazon un92 mc11 crossfit shorts

MC11 CrossFit shorts from Amazon

Pros: The MC11s are a really versatile pair of workout shorts and are useful for all sports, and are also available in a great range of colors.
Cons: They’re a little shorter in the leg for some preferences.

3. Reebok Lightweight Printed Shorts

Reebok Logo


With their light four way woven stretch fabric, the Reebok lightweights are the ultimate in flexibility, easy movement and comfort. The lightweights are made with Reebok’s PlayDry fabric, a special antimicrobial moisture wicking material made to enhance ventilation and prevent chafing while keeping you dry and cool.  They’re built with a Velcro opening and inside drawstring, plus they also have a special inbuilt gusset to provide that bit of extra space when you’re doing squats, deadlifts, the clean and jerk and other moves that need that bit of extra bending room.

Reebok Lightweight Printed Shorts

Reebok Lightweight Printed Shorts

Pros: Reebok Lightweight are made of sweat wicking fabric with antimicrobial properties, and have a roomy but still well fitting design.
Cons: The Lightweights are only available in red and they’re a bit more expensive than other brands of CrossFit shorts.

4. Jaco Hybrid Training Shorts

Jaco Clothing



The ever popular Jaco Hybrid training shorts are perfect for CrossFit training, as well as other sports requiring full range of motion such as MMA and Krav Maga.  They’re made of a 4 way stretch, moisture controlling fabric so you get both total comfort and ultimate mobility. These shorts are also made with a unique compression waist tightening system using a back compression panel with a drawstring to make sure your shorts fit firmly in place but still have a loose and relaxed look. The two external pockets are secured with hook and loop closures and are the right size for your phone and sit at the perfect height for your headphones. The pockets also sit flat so they won’t get in the way.

Jaco Hybrid Training Shorts

Jaco Hybrid Training Shorts

While we’re talking about the best CrossFit workout shorts, we can’t forget about girls so if you’re looking for CrossFit apparel for women, Jaco is your place to go. Jaco stock compression shorts for women as well as long capris workout tights. The 4 way stretch compression shorts are great on their own for CrossFit training or can be worn under your regular CrossFit training shorts, and the comfortable elastic waistband on the full length workout capris tights ensure a great and secure fit.

CrossFit Compression Shorts for Women

CrossFit Compression Shorts for Women

Jaco CrossFit Capris tights

Pros: The Jaco Hybrid training shorts are perfect for a huge range of sports as well as your CrossFit training and have a great waist fit.
Cons: The hybrids are made of a heavier fabric, and the outside pockets are on the large side.

5. Flex Series CrossFit Shorts

Epic MMA Gear – eBay

Epic MMA Gear



The Flex Series of CrossFit workout shorts from Epic MMA Gear on eBay are an excellent pair of all-rounders and are perfect for anyone on a bit of a tight budget. Made from a durable four way stretch fabric with 5” leg slits, these CrossFit board shorts have good mobility and their Velcro waist and drawstring ensure a great fit. The Flex Series also come with a small inside pocket to carry your essentials without them getting in the way of your burpees. Another great features is that you can actually customize your design! If you’re looking to get your own pair of custom CrossFit shorts, these cheap shorts are the way to go for adding your own logo or whatever designs you like. Since they’re also available with bulk discounts, they’re also perfect for gym owners and trainers looking to promote their brand on their own custom CrossFit apparel and gear.

Pros: These are a nice pair of cheap CrossFit shorts and good basic all-rounder training shorts, and are great for self-branding to make your own custom CrossFit shorts.
Cons: The medium weight fabric can seem heavy compared to lighter weights. The color range is limited, only available in black.

Ebay Flex Series Crossfit shorts

The Verdict

Each of these CrossFit workout shorts offers great benefits on maneuverability, comfort and fit as well as moisture control, but as usual your perfect training apparel will depend on exactly what you need for your workout.

If you’re looking for cheap CrossFit shorts then head to the Flex Series CrossFit Shorts from eBay which are also a brilliant choice for anyone looking to make their own custom CrossFit shorts.

If you’re still on a budget and looking for a reliable pair of CrossFit board shorts with more options for colors and designs, check out the range of MC11s from Amazon.

For athletes who need a firm fit but more room around the gusset area, the Reebok Lightweights are the only choice and they’re also the perfect choice for anyone looking for maximum moisture control.

If you’re after a pair of CrossFit shorts for men with a huge versatility across other sports, then pick up a pair of the Jaco Hybrids shorts, and if you’re after CrossFit shorts for women, stick with Jaco and their compression shorts and capris tights.

If you’re about to get into some hardcore training then the Rogue fight shorts can’t be beat for durability, and they’re also the choice if you don’t want pockets getting in your way.

Whatever your CrossFit demands and however hard you workout, choosing the best CrossFit shorts just got a whole lot easier.

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