Best Shoes for Crossfit: Your Guide for 2020

As a veteran Crossfitter, I’ve tried and tested countless shoes over the years. Continue reading to find out which shoes I’ve found to be the best for Crossfit in 2020!

What makes a shoe the best for Crossfit?


When I first started, like most people, I used regular sneakers, but quickly graduated to Reebok Nanos when I realized just how important the right footwear is for your workouts.  After a lot of trial and errors, I now carry three pairs of shoes in my bag; a good pair of running shoes, lifters and a minimalist shoe.

Choose a shoe that fits the WOD

Because Crossfit is by definition constantly varied, you need several types of shoes depending on your WOD  When a metcon or  AMRAP is on the board, you need a lightweight shoe. But when you are working on a heavy Olympic lift, you should choose a shoe with a stable and supportive sole with a low heel-to-toe drop.  

Choose a shoe that’s comfortable

Comfort is clearly high on the priority list, so make sure to take into account the midsole width. Midsoles differ according to the shoe — make sure to pick the one that best fits your foot size (narrow, wide or medium). Cushioning is tricky when it comes to crossfit shoes. Too much cushioning (like in a standard tennis show) and it will be too soft to provide the required stability for your oly lifts.  A good crossfit shoe will have a few mm of sole cushioning (usually around 4mm) — just enough to enhancing while allowing for enough stability for your lifts.

Durability is key

A good crossfit shoe will need a durable outsole. Let’s face it Crossfit workouts are demanding, whether you’re doing box jumps, rope climbs, or running, your shoe needs to be able to take the impact.  

The best shoes for CrossFit in 2017

Nike Metcon 3 

Nike entered the Crossfit world in 2015 when they created the Metcon 1. They originally designed a men’s shoe but later came out with a women’s style. This is the shoe for Nike fans who Crossfit. A pair runs about $130 and use lightweight flywire cable construction for improved flexibility and breathability, wi. In its upgrade, Nike added abrasion-resistant TPU skins to the exterior areas that saw the most wear: the toe box, the upper forefoot area, and quarter panel (heel area). This shoe has a slightly smaller heel-to-toe drop of 3mm. Although these are flatter shoes, they can very easily transition from endurance WODs to Olympic lifts.  These are also some of the best crossfit shoes for women, with awesome designs that are sure to get other Crosfitters’ attention!


Click on the image to check out the Nike Metcon 2 on Zappos!
Click on the image to check out the Nike Metcon 3 on Rogue!


Inov-8 Shoes for Crossfit

Bare-xf 210

The Bare-XF 210 is one of the most flexible shoes on the market for crossfitters. Due to the Meta-flex technology, the shoe allows natural flexing in forefoot. The special lacing system provides extra foot security, holding the foot in place while the zero heel-to-toe drop offers the most stability and balance for weightlifting or any other crossfit workout.These shoes are also offered in many different color schemes especially in the women’s style. [$120;]

Click on the image to check out the Bare-XF 210s!
F-lite 250

The F-Lite 250 is another lightweight selection, but has a higher heel-to-toe drop (6mm) than most of the other shoes in this review. This shoe has a good mix of support and flexibility and has rope-tec protection around the mid foot. Inov-8 also produced the F-Lite 230 and 240, which are a little lighter. The 230 and 240 aren’t as durable as the 250 and all Inov-8’s run about a half size bigger. 

Click on the image to check out the F-Lite 240 on Rogue.

Men’s FastLift 335

The FastLift 335 provides one of the most solid bases for heavy lifting days. These shoes are a little more flexible that the Adidas Powerlift allowing the ability to wear during metcons. The 335 style is lightweight but still offers the stability of a lifting shoe. This style also has Velcro and laces for that secure fit. Inov-8 also sells the FastLift 370 that has two-dial BOA lacing system. [$127;]

Click on the image to check out the Men's FastLift-335 on Amazon
Click on the image to check out the Men’s FastLift-335 on Amazon


Reebok CrossFit Shoes

Reebok CrossfIt Nanos

The new Nano 7.0 are the lightest version to date. The mesh material provides ventilation to keep your feet from feeling hot. Reebok has gone for a 4mm heel-to-toe-drop in this model, which is slightly more than in previous models (3mm).   Reebok’s motto is “Created by Crosfitters, For Crossfitters” and this is as true as ever.  One the most striking features of this new shoe is the range of colorful designs, which come in Reebok’s patented Nanoweave technology.  It’s dubbed as the most comfortable, durable and breathable, yet — making the Nano 7 an ideal shoe for any WOD.   This version runs slightly smaller, so order a half size up. Reebok still carries the other versions but have really improved on their newest edition.

reebok crossfit nano 7
Click on the image to check out the Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0s on the CrossFit Store!

Reebok CrossFit Speed TR

One of the Reebok’s most recent additions, the CrossFit Speed TR is narrower, lighter and has better grip with the Nano, due to a different type of tread. .  Because of those features, many people actually prefer it to the Nano for their all-around WOD shoe.  The downside is that because they are narrower, they provide less stability when doing lifts. Also if you have a wider foot, the narrow fit is going to be less comfortable than the Nano.

Click on the image to view the CrossFit TRs on the CrossFit Store.

Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0

Reebok also created an oly lifter when they took over Crossfit apparel. They have a similar toe box to the Nanos. The platform of the shoe is very solid and gives you a good base when lifting. It makes your feet feel sturdy. Although this shoe is mostly for Olympic lifts, you could get away with any metcon – even with a short run. These are the cheaper version of the Adipower lifters which run about $200. [$150;]

Click on the image to check out the Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0 on Amazon!
Click on the image to check out the Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0!


Adidas Powerlift Trainer 3

The Adidas Powerlift Trainer is one of the cheapest models specifically designed weightlifting (oly lifts). It also has a roomy toe box and solid heel and sole, similar to the Reebok Lifters. The velcro strap is great for unwanted movement during lifts. This shoe is better for the adaptability of metcons rather than straight weightlifting. [$90;]

Click on the image to check out the Adidas Powerlift Trainer 3 on Amazon!

New Balance MX20v5 minimus

The New Balance MX20v5 minimus (the update to the MX20v2)  is a minimalist shoe geared towards men. These shoes came out in 2013 and have since been replaced by several new generations. The shoe is constructed with very little material making it very lightweight (6.5 oz.) and advanced breathability. This can be very beneficial during box jumps, burpees or any types of bodyweight movements. The heel-to-toe drop of 4mm is average for a minimalist shoe. Unfortunately, this shoe has had issues with durability.

While the MX20v5 is the latest and greatest model, don’t forget to also check out the previous models (MX797v2, MX797v3 and MX797v4), which are still available on select websites.

Click on the image to check out the New Balance MX20v5 on Amazon!

ASICS Gel-Fortius 2 TR

The ASICS Gel-Fortius 2 TR is a great choice for male crossfitters. It is a one of the most durable shoes created by ASICS. It has a zero heel-to-toe drop, providing a solid base when lifting. The thin sole and zero drop may not be ideal for the avid runner, but is great for the average WOD.  [$95;]

Click on the image to check out the ASICS Gel-Fortius 2 TR on Zappos!
Click on the image to check out the ASICS Gel-Fortius TR 2 on Amazon!


If you’re a big fan of ASICS then I recommend also looking into the Asics Gel Nimbus.  

We’ve certainly covered a lot of shoes here, but believe it or not there are more Crossfit shoes out there!For example, the  Puma Bioweb Elite is a very popular choice, the Brooks Glycerin 13 is a great choice for women, and, of course, Vibram Five Fingers are a box classic, and of course, Merrell has a wide range of shoes that are great for CrossFit. The Nike Air Zoom Vomero also get a good rep, if you’re looking for a shoe that can be used inside and out of the box.

Just like you take care of your body before, during and after each workout, you want to take care of your feet. Whether it’s a minimalist shoe or an average Crossfit shoe, make sure to choose the one that is the most comfortable fit for your feet.

Best Shoes for Zumba – We Review the Top 5!

What are the best shoes for Zumba?

As a seasoned Zumba instructor leading up to 15 classes per week, this is a very common question brought to me after the class. Rarely am I asked about the clothing options, picking out the right clothing apparel for Zumba, doesn’t seem to be a question most students seem to need advice on, but advice what is the best Zumba sneaker to wear with the latest lime green Zumba cargo’s is asked of me daily. The answer may not be a simple as you might believe. There are many shoes marketed as “Zumba friendlyâ€, but really you should be considering several important factors in picking out a pair for your class. And yes, Zumba is about bright fun colors, and yes of course how fantastic we feel in our Zumba classes is linked to not only our music but that inner diva brought about by out by those “fun†colors, but to keep your comfort level up during and even after class, don’t base your decision on the color factor or looks alone!

Here are some features to take note of and consider when looking for the perfect shoes design for Zumba, whether in the community , gym, dance studio or with your favorite Zumba DVD in the privacy of your living room floor . And yes, as runner & running coach, I can tell you that the shoes you use for running or other activities could be the very ones you avoid for your Zumba class.

The right zumba shoes depends on the surface you dance on. One of the first consideration you should include in your planning is the flooring your classes will be held on so you can make decision about the support you may need. Wood flooring is the optimal for impact and reduced stress on joints during some of the twisting movements famous in our classes such as our spins or the pivoting during that favorite meringue march. If you are on a very hard surface, hopefully your instructor provides lower impact moves to save on the wear and tear. In these cases opt for a more supportive, cushioned shoe, rather than a light weight version, slipper type. Carpeted floors provide other difficulties & with shoes of any tread could cause feet to catch and twisting movements can cause hyper-extension of joints. There are carpet gliders sold several places including, but in looking for shoes for classes held on carpet, I would recommend very low treading to reduce this griping issue, and in this case a slipper model type shoe could be a perfect choice.

These Sacouny Grid Type A5 are great fit for hard surface floors:

These Saucony Grid Type A5 are great Zumba shoes for hard surfaces.
These Saucony Grid Type A5 are great Zumba shoes for hard surfaces.

However, for carpeted floors, these Puma Janine Dance Flowers are a better option due to their low traction soles.

The Puma Janine Dance Flowers have low traction soles and are great for Zumba on carpeted floors

Support-Another consideration should be what kind of foot support do you personally need? Are you a pronator? Do you need more ankle support? Do you already have foot issues? One way to determine foot type is to take a simple water foot test like this one. This will help you determine what kind of arch you have and the support you may need in your shoes. The design of each shoe model tends to differ greatly, and knowing what foot type you have can be a important consideration. Will you be on a hard surface, spring wood floor, or carpeted floor? Support may not only depend on your foot type but the floor you will be on.

The Bloch Evolution is a great option for a split-sole with lots of support in general, but especially arch support:

These Bloch Evolutions have great arch support. Click on the picture to purchase!

Comfort & Cushioning: Your overall general comfort, how you feel in your shoes is not to be overlooked. Issues to remember and consider include, how breathable is the material, is the product mesh (which is notorious for rips and tares), canvas (more difficult to quickly wipe off), leather. Is the toe box large enough to give plenty of space to your toe area to avoid crowding? Some narrow shoes may not work for those needing that space.

Breathable mesh design like these Nike’s, can keep feet cool and comfortable in a sweaty Zumba class

These Nike Zubma Shoes have breathable mesh for superior comfort. Click on the picture to purchase
These Nike Zumba Shoes have breathable mesh for superior comfort. Click on the picture to purchase

Sole design: Check to make sure soles are sturdy for wear and tear of course, but also, you should choose a show with more flexibility than a running shoe. Low tread is important for all surfaces. For some the choice to opt for a split sole, more typical dance sole may be good choice if … Also, the heel of the shoe and the right “feel†of this particular aspect of the shoe is very important. comfort of the cushion level in this area is important as this not a good fit could lead to issues with achilles tendon as unless you are a seasoned dancer with very strong tendons in this area, you will want a tighter fit with restricted movement to support these tendons.


My top 5 five picks for best Zumba shoes of 2013:

My number 1 choice by far are the Nike Free Run. They are super flexible, very breathable because of some meshing on the top-no issues of ripping though, they have great arch support and the heals have just the right amount cushion. They work well with all floor types, and come in multiple colors choices, pink and black my favorite. I love them so much that I have personally owned and worn out three pairs! Love them!

Nike Free Runs are my number one pick! Click on the picture to purchase
Nike Free Runs are my number one pick!
Click on the picture to purchase

These Puma Voltaic are also a great choice as are many of the Puma brand. They are not overly flexible, but have great support for those needing a bit more in ankle and upper foot stability, have a narrow body for those with narrow feet, have smooth soles, so they are great for all flooring choices, and come in some great colors choices. Truly affordable and are great as a double duty both class and daily walking shoe.

The Puma Voltaic have great ankle and upper foot support. Click on the picture to purchase!

The Nike Musique is a tried and true Zumba sneaker. This shoe has been used by many Zumba students and is still a highly recommended. The narrow style fits like Puma, with a tighter heel area. The sole is not overly flexible, but is no tread so perfect for pivots and spins a part of all Zumba classes. They are not overly flexible, but after just a bit of wear, the shoe will fit your feet like a pair of gloves. Great, true to size fit, perfect for all types of flooring and a great price. The Nike Musique is great value.

The Nike Musique are a tried a tested Zumba shoes. Click on the picture above to purchase

Another great brand is Ryka.  The best option, by far, in their footwear would have to be the Ryka Transition. Check out your next Zumba class, someone in that room will be wearing these shoe’s, many times that person will be your instructor. There is a lot to love about these dance sneakers, very flexible, great heel cushion lining, and a great sole for those turns and spins. But one of the best things about this shoe, is they are built for the active woman in general so if you really need to get double duty out of a show, this one is a great option because although it is so flexible, comes in many color options, including bright shoelaces, this shoe is also surprisingly supportive so can keep your feet feeling like you’re walking on a great cushion both in your Zumba, weight training, sculpt & tone classes as well as your daily fresh air walk. Reviews are almost always positive in nature with this shoe, and they earn them.

As the name implies the Ryka Transitions are a great shoe for both on and off the Zumba dance floor
As the name implies the Ryka Transitions are a great shoe for both on and off the Zumba dance floor

One last shoe makes my top picks. The Reebox Realflex. These ones make the list of top fives for several reasons, great arch support for the flat-footed, breathable mesh, support but not overly cushy which can make the shoe too bulky for a Zumba work out, and Reebox tends to cut a little larger which is a great plus for those with wider feet. Lots of great colors, and if you’re a newbie to running, great shoe for short little training jogs makes it a bit more versatile.

Click on the picture to check them out on!
Click on the picture to check them out on!

These are my top five choices for Best Zumba shoes for 2013. Each are excellent, affordable and come with well earned great reviews. Now its up to you to pick the best ones based on comfort, affordability, if you may need a duel purpose type of shoe, and of course your personal style. One thing I am sure of & understand fully from leading all those Zumba classes each week, you need to feel stylish to let out the inner diva and add some personalized “flavor†to your moves to truly enjoy your Zumba class and get the most out of your workout!

Compression Socks for CrossFit: We Review the Best Brands

Compression socks are a common among crossfitters. However, how do you choose a pair? In this article we’ll cover the top characteristic to look for in a pair of compression socks for crossfit and then review some of the top compression socks to consider purchasing.

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Key features to look for in compression socks for crossfit

Reebok CrossFit compression socks

Rogue compression socks

Zensah compression socks

2XU compression socks

CEP compression socks

Compression socks for women versus men

First, let’s understand the purpose of compression socks. As outlined in this great article, compression socks are designed two have two main benefits: increased blood flow and decreased muscle vibration. These two benefits generally lead to improved recovery and decreased soreness. We all know that the demands of crossfit are tremendous, and therefore any edge we can get on recovery or soreness, will be jumped upon by many.

Here’s a great figure from 2XU outlining the key reasons to wear compression socks

And here’s a good video about how compression socks work:

What to look for in compression socks for crossfit

Now that we know the main reasons for using compression socks in crossfit, let’s consider the most important factors to consider when choosing a pair. They are:

1) Compression level.

After all, the whole point of a compression sock is to provide compression! And not all socks are made equal in this regard. In fact, many so-called compression socks do not provide adequate levels of compression, so it’s an important point to consider. You’ll also want to consider whether to choose graduated compression or constant compression.

2) Quality

CrossFit workouts are intense! We put out our gear through intense amounts of stress. And the last thing you want is for your compression socks to fall apart or deteriorate quickly. Therefore, it’s important to take quality into consideration when purchasing a pair.

3) Wicking

Wicking materials pull sweat and moisture away form the body, keeping you dry. Given the intensity of WODs and the amount of sweat generated, it’s a good bet to choose a pair of compression socks made from wicking fabric.

4) Style

Another consideration to keep in mind is the style. A viable alternative to the standard compression socks is to get a calf sleeve. This will generally provide enough compression on your core muscle (the calves) to get a full effect of compression. Using a calf sleeve will allow you to wear your normal socks underneath which is something a lot of people find beneficial.

So, now that we’ve covered the key characteristics to consider when purchasing a pair of compression socks, let’s go through some of our top picks.

Reebok CrossFit compression socks.

First off are Reebok CrossFit compression socks. Since these are the only socks licensed by CrossFit, they are the only ‘official’ CrossFit compression socks. That said, there are plenty of other brand compression socks that are suitable for use in crossfit, and we’ve featured a few of them below.

Check out the official Reebok CrossFit compression socks by clicking on the picture
Check out the official Reebok CrossFit compression socks by clicking on the picture

A key feature of Reebok’s CrossFit compression socks are the graduated compression. This means that the compression level is tightest in the lower part of the sock (near the foot) gradually becoming less tight as the sock moves up the leg.

The below diagram shows what graduation would look like in a full leg compression stocking. The below diagram demonstrates what graduation compression would look like on a full length stocking.

Graduated compression means that there is greatest compression at the bottom of the sock. Compression decreases as the sock moves up the leg.
Graduated compression means that there is greatest compression at the bottom of the sock. Compression decreases as the sock moves up the leg.


Another great feature (and something unique to Reebok CrossFit compression socks) is that they have a padded front panel. This provides protection when doing deadlifts, rope climbs, or other movements where you can scrape your shins. I don’t think they’d give adequate protection if you misjudge your box jump though!

Notice the padded section on the shin. This provides additional protection from scraping during deadlifts or rope climbs.  Click on the picture to check them out.
Notice the padded section on the shin. This provides additional protection from scraping during deadlifts or rope climbs. Click on the picture to check them out.

They also have arch and ankle support which provides muscle stabilization during workouts. The best thing about these socks? The price! At only 16 dollars per pair, they’re actually one of the cheapest compression socks on the market. This is unusual, as generally Reebok CrossFit gear is more expensive than the non-crossfit brand equivalent.

They come in plenty of colors as well.

Rogue compression socks

When looking for any gear for CrossFit you can’t go past Rogue. They have their own branded compression socks, located here.

Check out Rogue’s compression socks by clicking on the picture
Check out Rogue’s compression socks by clicking on the picture

What makes these socks different is the fabric. They’re made from Olefin fibres, which are so light weight and fast drying that they retains less than .01% of their weight in moisture! Olefin also has special qualities that resist deteriation from chemicals and perspiration. A great little fact about Olefin is that it’s inventors won the Nobel Prize for it. This was in large part because of Olefin’s environmental impact: the manufacture of Olefin has a less negative environmental impact than alternatives and is easy to recycle.

The material is also anti-microbial, which means they won’t smell as much. An essential factor for socks you wear during a WOD!

These socks are actually made by Swiftwick, then branded with Rogue. So if you like the product features, but don’t like Rogue branding, you can check out the full range of Swiftwick compression socks on Amazon, here.


With Zensah you can either go for the full compression socks, or for a calf compression sleeve.


Click here or on the picture above to check out Zensah’s compression socks

If you dig around the internet, you’ll find that Zensah are one of the most highly recommended compression socks around, particularly by elite athletes. Zensah markets their compression socks as “ProGrade†and judging by the reviews, they are. In addition to the superior levels of compression, another core feature is the built-in arch support, which Zensah claims to assist your legs last longer during endurance runs. Another great feature of Zensah compression socks are that they come in many differing colors. If you want to make a statement at the box, then try bright green or argyle!



Click here or on the pictures above to check out the Zensah compression socks

Even more popular than Zensa’s compression socks are the leg sleeves

They come in a wide range of colours, and are made from wicking and antimicrobial fabric. Just like compression socks, the compression sleeves provide superior compression, aiding athletic training and recovery. The main benefit of the sleeves is that you can wear them with normal socks. Potentially this means that you don’t have to wash them every time you use them, whereas you would need to wash your socks! A downside of the sleeves is that they don’t have the in-built arch support.



Click here or on the pictures above to check out the Zensah leg sleeves on Amazon!

2XU compression socks

As is standard for compression socks, these socks are moisture wicking, and have very good compression levels. Reviewers tend to be very happy with these, and it has a 4.8/5 star rating on Amazon. The compression is ‘graduated’, what this means is that the compression is tightest around the feet and gradually become less tight as the sock moves up your leg. The model most useful for CrossFit are the Compression Race Sock. The features of the various types of 2XU compression socks are outlined in this table. Check them out by clicking here.


Source: Amazon


CEP compression socks

Finally, we have the CEP compression socks.


Similar, the 2XU socks, customers are very happy with these socks, giving them well over 4.5/5 on amazon.

One of the unique things that CEP has done is rigorous research on the benefits of their compression socks, including reduction in shin splints, calf craps, Achilles issues and pulled muscles. Below are the results of one such study showing the significant increase in lower leg blood circulation when wearing CEP compression socks.

Studies show that CEP compression socks improve leg blood flow

One of the big differentiating factors is that CEP does not have graduated compression, but rather has compression all over the foot and lower leg. Some feel that it does not fit them anatomically as well as socks with graduated compression.

Crossfit compression socks for men versus women

Finally, let’s consider what men and women might look for in compression socks. The anatomy of a man’s leg is pretty much the same as a woman, so the sock structure itself is going to be the same. What differs is the design.

Women crossfitters might like to consider these pink or orange compression leg sleeves from Zensah.



There are also some great patterns out there from some lesser known brands, such as Red Lion



Click here or on the pictures to check them out on amazon


We’ve shown you the key characteristics to look for in compression socks for crossfit, as well as providing reviews of the top five brands. Let us know your experiences. Did we miss out on an important brand? Have you found compression socks useful for crossfit? Or are they more hype than function?

The Best Crossfit Shorts: We Review the Top 5!

No matter what your WOD consists of – kettle bell swings, pull-ups squats, rope climbs or  thrusters –  shorts are one of the most important items of gears you can buy. With so many Crossfit shorts out there, it’s hard to determine which ones are worth the money. Crossfit is unlike any other type of workout, which means you are going to want the proper shorts that have the flexibility and durability to hold up to the most demanding metcon. Make no doubt about it, after Crossfit shoes (such as the Reebok Nanos or Lifters), a great pair of shorts are the most important item of clothing you’ll buy. Continue reading to find out which ones are the best!

The Top 5 Crossfit Shorts:

Reebok CrossFit Super Nasty Board Shorts for Men:

Click on the image above to check out these shorts on Amazon.

Reebok is the official sponsor of the Crossfit games, and its no wonder they are stepping up their game. This unique Crossfit short guarantees to get you through even the most unusual movements during the WOD. These are the most comfortable recommendation, which again is no surprise, because they were developed by Crossfit athletes; making these shorts ideal for Crossfit training. Water resistant, UV protective fabric, and made from 100% cotton, as well as with bonded gusset that allows for total range of motion and contain an antimicrobial inner brief to help keep these shorts feeling fresh each time you put them on. Visually these are short shorts, but on the left leg is a large vertical Reebok Crossfit logo in baby blue. Each leg has a 3 inch side slit, but that’s not the only point of ventilation. The PlayDry technology has the ability to move moisture and increase ventilation.

Rokfit Booty Short for Women:

Click on the image to check out the RokFit Booty Shorts on Amazon.

Coming in a variety of styles, the Cross Training Short will be your go-to black short. You don’t have to worry about falling down or riding up-esepcially if your WOD is AMRAP; with the waistband a bit higher than most shorts, you will feel the reassurance that your booty wont be falling out; especially during HIIT or other workouts like double unders, or burpees. However size up!

RokFit Fight Short for Crossfit for Men:

Click on the image to check out the rokfit fight shorts on Amazon

This high performance fight short is built tough, yet flexible. Heavy weight two way stretch body with double layer four way stretch inner flex panel, AND triple stitches on all seams, as well as a double hook and loop enclosures with a drawstring and 6†side slits, these shorts are very versatile; one of the top shorts for heavy lifts or metcon activities. The curved waistband fit the body perfectly to help prevent the shorts from shifting during training. These training shorts are the perfect pair for handstand pushups and rope climbs.

Nike Flex Shorts:

Click on the image to check out the Nike Flex shorts on Amazon.

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of the top names in the athletic company. With this in mind, I was expecting great things, they didn’t disappoint when they introduced their Flex shorts. Without being long or baggy, they look as nice as they feel. This year they upgraded to now feature Hyra Void technology with DWR finish. You get an 8†inseam, but now they added side slits so chaffing begone! The side slit pockets have plenty of room for even the biggest phones (iPhone 6s, I’m lookin at you). The 4-way stretch fabric is comfortable but substantial.

Hylete Mens Helix Flex-Knit Pocket Shorts:

Click on the image to check out the Hylete Helix Flex-Knit on Amazon

With the fabric of the future and a two-way drawstring, these shorts allow you to rock out with your drawstring out (or lace it up and tuck it inside for a clean look). The ultra-durable, lightweight fabric stretches with you, instead of against you- even for the deep squats, snatches, and box jumps that athletes do. The quick drying, moisture wicking fabric performs wherever, whenever. The zipper side pocket on both side are placed at the upper side seams of each leg so they won’t get in the way of your movements- whether you are hanging upside down or falling. These pockets make the perfect place for your ipod/phone/mp3. Whether you’ve got long legs or short, these are the shorts for you; they are available in regular, short/above the knee, and tall/long

UN92 Men:

Click on the image to check out the U92 shorts on Amazon

Made from polyester offering a 4 way sretch fabric, as well as a drawstring to ensure they stay put during an entire workout, and with a Velcro fly to keep you comfortable; its no wonder the athletes have remarked just how easy these are to wear, and just how quickly they dry after a session of even the most intense HIIT. This apparel is dying to be apart of your WOD gear.

Rogue Fight Shorts:

These shorts from Reebok have 4-way stretch fabric. Click on the image to check them out.
Click on the image to check out the Rogue Fight Shorts.

One of the top rated shorts among Crossfitters  are the Rogue Fight Shorts. More and more men are choosing to wear these while they perform their WOD. These bottoms com in black and offer a 2 way stretch polyester fabric, with a side slit, so you will never feel boxed into the short. Known for being lightweight and never to hold sweat (or odor), you are sure to feel fresh each time you put them on.


Honorable Mention:

UN92 Women:

Click on the image to check out the U92 women’s shorts on Amazon.

For those who want to add more color to their outfit, the UN92 WC Women’s Kettlebell Fit Shorts are for you. Made with breathable fabric that naturally wicks away water from the body, so you can stay cool during your workout. 4-way stretch fabric ensuring you never feel restricted, as well as an invisible zipper card and key pocket on the back for convince. The 3-inch inseam is ideal and will ensure you never want to take these training shorts off.


2pood Performance V. 4.0 Shorts


These have been among my favorite functional fitness shorts, not so much for the style though. I just don’t see the need for such an in your face logo on the side of their shorts. The material is middleweight 4-way stretch fabric that comes together with an elastic waistband with a tie together in the front. Being the V 4.0’s are not an overly baggy pair of shorts, they feel great and actually look outstanding once you get past the huge logo. These shorts look, feel, and perform awesome..however..on their site 2POOD states ““This is an amazing material but excessive scraping with barbell knurling will damage these shortsâ€. Obvioulsy this was part of the test, and this shouldn’t just be brushed off. After three wears, where the bar meets my leg is already starting to fade and have scratches. Keep that in mind, and just don’t wear these for days you have barbell work! Add this pair of active wear to your WOD gear collection!

2POOD Metcon Shorts:


Who loves short shorts!? Compared to the Soffe ranger panties, these are slightly longer making them more wearable day to day, but still have a 3†inseam. The Metcon shorts have the simple 2P logo that should really just be used on all shorts. No need to fuss with finding the right compression shorts to go with these because they have a built in liner. The camo has reflective stripes that will make sure you are shining bright like a diamond. With plenty of room for the thighs and a gusseted crotch so you wont have to worry about them catching. Best part? They don’t show wear like the v4.0’s!


Born Primitive Compression Snatch Shorts:

Men’s Snatch Shorts

Click on the image to check out the compression snatch shorts on Amazon.

Women’s Snatch Shorts

Click on the image to check out the women’s compression snatch shorts on Amazon.

Have you been doing Olympic lifts, and after a few sessions have your pubic bone feel bruised? I know I’m not alone. These shorts remind me of the Under Armour Compression Shorts; they wick away sweat, are light and stretch allowing you to feel free as a bird. With a heavy-duty waistband and a pad that protects your pubic bone-however this isn’t just some ordinary piece of foam- it’s made of little octagon pads that connect and are firm, yet never feels bulky. You may look silly but they actually do work. Even if you don’t have a hard hit on your hips, you are able to do more volume; its no wonder the brands slogan is “PR Without the Pain.â€

Born Primitive Renewed Vigor Booty Shorts:

Click on the image to check out these Crossfit booty shorts on Amazon,

Coming in a variety of colors and designs, these form fitting Crossfit shorts are 100% Supplex –the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology. Complete with a longer inseam for comfort, while the wide waistband keeps these training shorts not only in place, but they keep you covered. If you are between sizes, it is recommended to go down in size as these shorts fit pretty true to size, but can be slightly on the bigger side. Because of the material, these bottoms stay put-even through the toughest WOD, HIIT, or even a few miles. You wont need to worry about them riding up or falling down- these are a must.

Final thoughts

If you aren’t into the shorts scene, there are plenty of bottoms you can wear ranging from leggings, capris, and even skirts- without sacrificing mobility, function, or style. It’s also important to keep socks in mind, particularly when doing dead lifts or other exercises that can scrape up your shins! There are plenty of great socks out there that can provide solid protection. Alternatively you might like to consider compression socks, which can double up to provide improve recovery and performance.

Did you like this article? Make sure to check out our upcoming reviews on otehr crossfit gear: we’ll be coving hoodies, shirts (with or without compression sleeves), tanks and gloves.

Dance Sneakers – top 6 features to look for when you buy

Dance sneakers are arguably the most important item of clothing a dancer can buy. This article outlines the 6 key features that define the best dance sneakers. Follow these guidelines and take your dancing to the next level.

Dance sneakers are athletic training shoes specially designed for the unique demands high intensity dancing can place in the feet. Some ballroom dancers wear dance sneakers for practice dance shoes instead of the typical ballroom dance pumps; some zumba instructors swear by them as critical zumba equipment and some men, women and kids choose to wear dance sneakers even for casual dancing.

Whatever your dance needs, there are a pair of dance sneakers to suit your feet and this article is going to show you what to look for when choosing the best dance sneakers and then take a look at some of the best dance sneakers on the market.

Key Features of Good Dance Sneakers

Whether they’re dance sneakers for men or women or dance shoes for kids, the perfect pair will have the following key features:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Breathable
  3. Arch support
  4. Reinforced Sole
  5. Traction
  6. Cushioning and Stability

Dance Sneakers Need to Be Lightweight

The last thing you need when you’re dancing is a heavy shoe weighing you down. The best dance sneakers are made of lightweight material that let your feet move freely while still providing adequate foot, heel and ankle support.


Bloch women's boost
These Bloch Women’s Boost dance sneakers are light weight. Click on the picture to purchase

Dance Sneakers Need to Be Breathable

Tearing up the dance floor, your feet are going to get hot. The best dance sneakers will incorporate light breathable fabric to keep your feet aerated and cool as well as controlling moisture to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters and other foot health complaints.

These Sansha Motion Dance Sneakers have a mesh upper that provide excellent breathability. Click on the picture to purchase
These Sansha Motion Dance Sneakers have a mesh upper that provide excellent breathability. Click on the picture to purchase

Dance Sneakers Need Good Arch Support

Your feet are under a great deal of pressure with every step you take so your shoes need to be able to support your arches. Different feet have different arch support needs just as every shoe offers different arch support solutions. Finding your right fit might take a bit of trial and error but your feet and your dance moves will thank you when you find the perfect pair. Arch support is especially important in dance with a lot of jumping or hopping like hip hop or Irish dancing.

The Bloch Boost has built in arch support & elevation. Click on the picture to check them out on Zappos.

Dance Sneakers Need to Be Flexible

While you want your feet to be supported by your shoes, you still need some give in the shoe structure and an inflexible shoe will prevent a lot of foot action. The best flexible dance sneakers will also have a flexible sole. Flexibility is especially important in mixed step dancing activities like zumba or jazzercise.

The Capezio Fierce has a split sole for extra flexibility. Click on the picture to check them out on Amazon.

Dance Sneakers Need Reinforced Soles

Unlike normal training sneakers, a good pair of dance sneakers will have special reinforcements in the sole. This is typically in the ball of the foot as a pivot point and in the heel. When wearing dance sneakers for dance practice for ballroom dancing or jazz, this reinforcement is particularly important.

Puma Soleil V2
The Puma Soleil V2 have a special reinforced ‘pivot point’ in the forefoot. Click on the picture to check them out on Amazon.

Dance Sneakers Need Good Traction

Whatever style of dancing you’re doing, traction is important. Your dance sneakers need enough traction so you won’t slip, but also need to be smooth enough to allow your feet to glide properly as you step without grabbing on the floor.

Bloch Evolution dance sneakers
These Bloch Evolution dance sneakers have an optimal level of traction for dancing. Click on the picture to purchase.

Dance Sneakers Need Security and Support

While you don’t want your shoes to impede your dance steps by being inflexible, a good pair of dance sneakers will still need to provide enough cushioning to protect you from pressure and impact, and also enough support to keep your foot stable and prevent ankle injuries. This is especially important for dancing with a lot of side to side action like hip hop or mixed routines like zumba.

Ryka Tenacity
The Ryka Tenacity sneakers have infused heel guidance that provides extra lateral support by securing the heel and guiding foot strike alignment. Click on the picture to check them out!

Now we know what makes the perfect pair of dance sneakers, let’s take a look at some of the best dance sneakers available in 2013.

The Best Dance Sneakers Reviewed

Bloch Boost

With a suede and synthetic mesh upper, the Bloch Boost is an incredibly lightweight dance sneaker for women that still maintains excellent cushioning and supportive stability. The Boost has exceptional built-in arch support and its unique lacing system provides optimum forefoot fit for excellent stability and comfort. The outsole is split for added flexibility and made of high density polyurethane with a reinforced air cushioned heel, making for durable yet cushioned sole with perfect traction for sliding. Available in black or pink.

Because of the unique design, Bloch recommends ordering the boost a half size larger than regular shoes, or a full size for wide feet.

Click on the picture to purchase the Bloch Boost
Click on the picture to purchase the Bloch Boost.

For men looking for a shoes with similar features of the Bloch Boost, the Bloch Evolution is a unisex dance sneaker. Like the Boost, the Evolution provides superior comfort and stability while still being an excellent lightweight, breathable and flexible shoe. The Evolution has the added benefit of toggle fasteners to help you get them on and off quickly.

Note that while this is a unisex dance shoe, the shoe is listed in women’s sizing.

Click on the image to check out the Bloch Evolution. Dance Sneakers.

And the kids don’t have to miss out either. Bloch also makes dance sneakers for kids and these Bloch Boot Mesh sneakers for kids have all of the features that make the Bloch Evolution and the Bloch Boost such fantastic dance sneakers for adults. The Mesh Boots are available in pink and black and are available in both toddler and youth sizes.

Click on the image to check out the Bloch Dance Boost Mech Sneaker for Kids on Amazon.

Pros – The Bloch Evolution, Boost and Boot Mesh all have superior arch support in a durable lightweight shoe.

Cons – Limited range of colours and designs. Smaller sizing can be difficult to fit some feet.

Sansha Motion Dance Sneaker

The Sansha Motion Dance is a brilliant choice for anyone looking for discount dance shoes. Although these are on the cheap side of the price scale, there is no sacrificing quality or style. With suede and mesh uppers, these shoes are super light and breathable and have decent cushioning and flexibility in the rubber split sole, which also has an air cushioned heel. There is moderate arch support, but it’s nowhere near as supportive as something like the Bloch Boost or Evolution above.

The Motion Dance are available in Black or red and black. They do tend to run short on size, so ensure to check the size charts before ordering or try a pair on.

Sansha Motion Dance Sneaker
Click on the image to check out the Sansha Motions on Amazon.

Pros – Quality shoes at discount price

Cons – Short sizing. Little inherent arch support.

 Capezio Fierce Dansneaker

The fierce Dansneaker does indeed put out some fierce competition when it comes to the best dance sneaker. Capezio, as usual, matches high quality with a low price. These lightweight shoes are durable and breathable, built of tech-mesh and synthetic leather for the uppers and a hard wearing polyurethane outsole. The super flexible non-marking sole is a cleverly designed split system with special reinforced zones. The fierce also come with a special built in arch support.

These shoes are a medium width but run very short so ordering a half to a full size up from your street shoe size is recommended to find the right length.

The Capezio Fierce Dansneaker are available in black.

Capezo Fierce Dance Sneakers
Click on the image to check out the Capezio Fierce Dansneakers on Amazon.

Pros – Cheap. Good arch support.

Cons – Small sizing. Only available in black.

Ryka Tenacity 

Ryka’s Tenacity are a fashionable and functional dance sneaker for women.  The uppers are built of synthetic leather, mesh with high density foam that is not only breathable and light, but also stable. The lacing system together with the Velcro closures ensures a perfect fit from the toe right up to the ankle and the high tops ensure maximum ankle stability. The Tenacity feature a durable rubber, diamond shaped sole for perfect dance floor traction. They also have a special heel guidance reinforcement designed to guide foot strike alignment with maximum lateral support. This unique design however creates a slightly flared footbed that might take some getting used to. The Ryka Tenacity is available in a range of colors and designs including basic black, orange and pink and metallic silver and purple.

Note that the Tenacity are the upgraded model of the Ryka Downbeat.

Click on the image to check out the Ryka Tenacity on Amazon
Click on the image to check out the Ryka Tenacity on Amazon

Pros – unique heel and lateral support to guide footstrike

Cons – unique footbed design can be uncomfortable for some feet and may take some adjustment

Puma Janine Dance

Janine from Puma are a stylish pair of women’s dance sneakers that look great and offer outstanding performance. The uppers are leather and while this might not be the most breathable of fabrics, it is certainly durable and light with all of the forefoot flexibility you’ll need in a dance sneaker. The collar and tongue are lightly padded to stabilize the fit and comfort and the lace up front provides a secure fit. The rubber sole provides superior shock absorption across the entire footbed and is also reinforced with a unique pivot point. The pivot point reinforcement is particularly good for dance that uses a lot of toe pointing like Latin ballroom or jazz dancing.

Janine’s are available in a wide range of colours including grey and pick, white and teal and black and fluro purple.

Puma Janine
Click on the image to check out the Puma Janine dance sneakers on Amazon.

Pros – Unique reinforced pivot point sole

Cons – Leather uppers decrease breathability.

Fitting the right pair of dance sneakers to the right pair of feet is simple following these guidelines and recommendations, so whatever your dance moves there’s a pair of dance sneakers out there to lift your performance to new and exciting heights.

Best Spinning Shoes: We Review the Top Ten

What Makes a Great Spinning Shoe

Spinning shoes come in a variety of styles with many different features. It can be really tough to figure out which ones are the best for your spinning shoe needs. Let’s look at the different aspects of spinning shoes so you can find the perfect pair for you. Not included in our list are the Sidi Taurus or Dzr, but that’s not because they’re not great shoes!

Cleat Holes

Depending on the type of clip on the bike, you’ll need an indoor cycling shoe that will match with it to secure your foot in place. There are two styles. MTB shoes (aka mountain biking) and road bike shoes.

MTB Shoespicture1

MTB shoes have 2 holes on the bottom which connect to the cleats. They’re adjustable to ensure proper foot alignment on the pedal and prevent injury. They’re also good for walking around your spinning studio as they’ve got a bit more traction and the cleat is protected by a grippy rubber area (aka recessed).


Road Shoespicture1

Road shoes are extremely light and feature a 3-hole cleat receiver. The soles are firm and slick, so it’s tough to walk around the spinning studio in them. Also, because the cleat is not protected by rubber, walking around in them could damage both the cleat and floor surface.


Cleats attach to the bottom of your indoor cycling shoes and clip to the bike pedals. They hold your foot on the pedal to help you stay steady as the speed increases. Properly fitted cleats also provide you with optimal foot alignment, which prevents injury. When optimally installed, the cleats and clips will hold your foot in natural position without straining your ankles, knees, or hips.


Walking, running and hiking shoes use laces to close around your feet. Spinning and cycling shoes, however, use ratchets or buckles to achieve a snugger fit. The newest closure technology in spinning shoes is called a boa. Basically, they combine laces and ratchets into a shoe closure system that adjusts by turning one knob. Pretty cool, eh?


Spinning shoes should be comfortable and snug, but not tight. Frequently, they’re half to a full size larger than your every day footwear. To check the fit of your cycling shoes, be sure you can wiggle your toes. The retaining system should be adjusted snugly around the arch of your foot, but not so tightly that your foot falls asleep while you’re spinning!


Okay, so socks aren’t technically part of any indoor cycling shoe, but they’re often the key to a comfortable ride. Purchasing socks made from moisture wicking fabric will keep your feet dry and protect them from blisters and other sores.


This system of cleats that lock into pedals is called “clipless.†The system provides room for a large amount of customization to maximize comfort and efficiency. The cleat system is newer than clip pedals, but the advances that come with it are well worth the investment.

Top 10 Spinning Shoes


E70 modelpicture1

The Giro E70 is available for men and women. Both are a wonderful combination of performance and comfort. It’s lightweight and powerful, but also comfortable and features a replaceable heel pad to prevent an early demise due to wear and tear. The reinforced toe and hook-and-loop ratchets securely hold foot without impacting the comfort level. Finally, the SuperNatural Fit Kit hat comes with the Giro E70s allows you to customize the footbed to your unique foot needs and the antimicrobial coating prevents shoe odor. These shoes promise loads of power with durable comfort and they deliver – in spades.


The Giro Manta is a fantastic MTB cycling shoe for women. Although the aggressive treads aren’t needed for indoor cycling or spinning classes, they don’t hurt either. Unlike many MTB shoes, the Mantas have a uniquely breathable upper microfiber that prevents hot, sweaty feet and the antimicrobial coating really keeps down the odor. This is a versatile MTB cycling shoe suitable for spinning (purchase cleats separately) and outdoor use. They stand up to the hardest pedaling and work for any spinner or cyclist looking for a quality MTB shoe.


Giro’s Terraduro is a great combination spinning shoe for men. Featuring Vibram soles, they’re incredibly comfortable and durable with just the right amount of flex. The uppers are a wonderful breathable material with reinforced toebox and sidewalls to extend their life. The medium height arch support is comfortable for most feet and helps keep your feet snugly in the shoe. Some cyclists feel these take a bit of time to break in so you may want to get them earlier than you need them.

Treble IIpicture1

The Treble II is a sleek, sexy men’s spinning shoe. It accommodates both 2- and 3-hole cleat styles, making it a great choice for beginners or people who spin at more than one location with different bikes. The lace-less closure is easy to cinch down and holds snugly and firmly. The high Velcro strap and sleek design mean these shoes tend to be better for people with narrow feet. They feature stiffer sole, which is great for road biking or indoor cyclists looking to emulate that feeling on their feet. You can’t get a better shoe in this price bracket.


If you’re looking for an MTB spinning shoe that can really take a beating, look no further than Giro’s Privateer. The outer sole is the stiffest in its class and the micro-ratcheting buckles ensure a precision fit. Many shoes with stiff outer soles are equally as stiff and uncomfortable inside. Not so with the Privateers. Wider width feet are also easily accommodated in these fabulous cycling shoes.

Sica VR70 picture1

A comfortable and rugged women’s cycling shoe, the Sica VR70 fits snugly, but quickly wicks moisture away. The hook-and-loop and ratcheting closures can be adjusted from the saddle and easily accommodates a variety of arch heights with the SuperNatural Fit Kit. The soles are stiff enough to provide loads of traction, but also soft and grippy enough to keep your fit comfortably in position on those fast, hard spinning climbs.

Apeckx HVpicture1

Sleek and eye-catching, these cycling shoes offer the prefect fit for men with wider feet. The durable materials stand up to high use and are so comfortable you won’t mind wearing them for long periods of time. The cleats are inset so you’ll be able to walk around the spinning studio without concern. The soles are stiff without being uncomfortable.


Shimano is known for their presence in the cycling industry. From brakes to gears and loads of cycling accessories, Shimano products are known for their quality and effectiveness. They also make numerous cycling shoes suitable for both indoor and outdoor cycling use. The commonality with all of them is the SPD cleat compatibility.


SPD cleats come in fixed and floating versions depending on your preference. The version linked here does not come with a quick release since spinning classes typically do not involve bike wrecks or flying over the handle bars. They’re also perfect for the standing hill climbs so commonly used throughout the course of a spin class.

Louis Garneaupicture1

These sleek cycling shoes by Louis Garneau are compatible with 3-hole cleats. They’re light, fast, and designed to maximize transfer of your muscle power to the pedals they’re attached to. The single rail attachment method is fast and easy to do on the fly, so when the spinning instructor calls out a command and you get the pinch because your shoe is too tight you can quickly adjust it and continue pedaling without missing a beat.

Pearl Izumi Men’s X-Alp Enduro IIIpicture1

They look like a low-top hiking boot, but fit and feel like a cycling shoe. Perfect for indoor cycling and walking around the spinning studio. They pair with SPD cleats and are great for MTB enthusiasts as well as indoor cyclists with the slightly stiff sole and comfortable footbed. The Velrco and ratchet closures are easy and comfortable. They’re super ventilated so your feet won’t get over-heated, but if you’re spinning somewhere with really cold air conditioning, you may want a slightly thicker pair of socks!

Honorable Mention

Mavic Rushpicture1

The shoes deserve a mention. A few cyclists have found the soles flex too much, but overall they’re quite popular. The buckle system is a huge win for keeping feet in snug. They’re durable and affordable, making them a huge win for beginners and more experienced spinners.


If you’re strictly sticking to spinning, cyclocross shoes may be a little over-kill for your needs, but if you’re considering branching out to racing on a variety of surfaces including grass, dirt, mud, sand, and gravel a good pair of cyclocross shoes can be a worthwhile investment. Wearing them during spin classes gives you chance to break them in and get comfortable wearing and using them.

Cyclocross shoes are similar to MTB shoes, but sometimes have different treads to accommodate the varying surfaces encountered during a cyclocross race. If you’re looking for a good MTB spinning shoe and keep running across a cyclcross shoe that catches your eye, go for it! Assuming the shoe is comfortable on your feet and pairs with the cleats that are used on your spin bike, there’s no reason to stay away from them.

There are many other spinning shoe brands and alternatives out there. Ultimately, the ones you wear will have to meet your needs and suit your life and workout styles. We hope the ones listed here give you a starting point and provide you with the information you need to choose the indoor cycling shoes that are best for you.

Best Parkour Shoes for 2016

Parkour is the latest workout craze. Initially developed in France by Sebastien Foucan and based on military training obstacle courses, parkour can be done alone or in groups. The basic idea is to move oneself from one point to another in a complex environment using no assistive equipment and arriving at the end point in the fastest and most efficient way possible. There are stunt moves involved, such as vaulting over objects, and high agility is required. It’s typically practiced in urban spaces and can take several hours or several days to complete. For more information, check out parkourpedia.

The intensity and high impact involved in this unique sport require particular shoes to help prevent injury.

Factors in Choosing a Parkour Shoe


Depending on your natural arches, desired shock absorption and overall comfort level you may desire more padding or less. Some people like to feel the ground beneath their feet and dislike a thick layer of padding in the bottom of their shoes. Check out the Puma FAAS 500 (reviewed below) for a great cushioning shoe.

Puma FAAS 500 has great cushioning. Click to learn more.
Puma FAAS 500 has great cushioning. Click to learn more.


The tread and material of the sole of parkour shoes can greatly impact your ability to successfully navigate the obstacles. Some shoes stick better to concrete or wood. Some soles grip well on wet surface while others do not. Depending on the weather where you train and the type of obstacle found there, you may prefer certain soles to others.

Nike Free Rn has great grip. Click the image to learn more.
Nike Free Rn has great grip. Click the image to learn more.


Given the multitude of situations traceurs can encounter while freerunning many participants want shoes with a flexible sole and snug fit. Any slipping can cause blisters. Flexible soles when coupled with gripping treads, provide a shoe that prevents slipping and injury.

Feiyue Top One is incredibly flexible. Click the image for more information.

Tactile Sensations

To navigate through the parkour course most effectively, it’s essential that traceurs feel the course beneath the feet, almost as if they’re barefoot. This tactile connection, also known as ground feel, is becoming common in many other sports as well, but is a requirement in parkour sneakers.

Vibram KSOs are some of the most tactile shoes on the market. Click the picture for more information.
Vibram KSOs are some of the most tactile shoes on the market. Click the picture for more information.


Parkour shoes take a beating, more so than in most other sports. No one wants to spend their paychecks buying new sneakers all the time, so it’s important to find a parkour sneaker that will last a while. Price does not always dictate quality, so be careful in your purchases.

The evolv Cruzer is known for durability. Click the picture to learn more.
The evolv Cruzer is known for durability. Click the picture to learn more.

Best Parkour Shoes

Feiyue Top One

Click the image to learn more about the Top Ones
Click the image to learn more about the Top Ones

Parkour has movements similar to a non-combative martial art so it’s no surprise that the company famous for making martial arts shoes also makes a great parkour shoe. The Feiyue Top One is suitable for all ages and comes in sizes to fit males and females. They’re durable, lightweight and have a flexible rubber sole. They’re among the least expensive parkour sneakers on the market and durable enough to hold up for a long period of time.

Puma FAAS 500 V4 Running

Click to learn more about the Puma FAAS 500s.
Click to learn more about the Puma FAAS 500s.

This is a great parkour shoe with a synthetic sole. The lightweight cushioning and exclusive FAAS foam inside make the Puma FAAS an ideal parkour sneaker. In addition, the shoe is designed to encourage a natural stride and fit snugly to provide a support without confining your feet.

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81

Click to learn more about the Onitsuka Tigers.
Click to learn more about the Onitsuka Tigers.

The Tigers look good and provide great support. Using and eva midsole and and flexible TPU heel the cushioning and arch support are top-notch. They’re incredibly lightweight and versatile. They work well in both urban and rural environments and offer incredible breathability. They’re not great for freerunning in the rain, but otherwise offer great arch support for people with high arches and are quite durable. Freerunner and traceur Ronnie Shalvis also recommends this shoe.

Vivobarefoot EVO Pure

Click to learn more about the EVO Barefoot
Click to learn more about the EVO Barefoot

The name says it all. This shoe truly leaves you feeling barefoot. There’s nothing between you and the feel of the parkour course giving you maximum control. They’re so lightweight that some wearers have had durability issues, but they may also have wider feet as these shoes tend to run a bit narrow. The soles are incredibly grippy and the sneakers overall look good. Although not the cheapest parkour sneaker on the market, they’re well worth the money.

Merrell Bare Access 4

Click to learn more about the Merrell Bare Access 4
Click to learn more about the Merrell Bare Access 4

These Merrell’s are the perfect combination of breathability and grippy. By optimizing Vibram technology in the soles and a full-cushioning zero drop, the Bare Access 4s provide a light and intensely responsive sneaker, giving you maximum control and preventing slipping. In addition, the wider toe box is great for people with wide feet.

ASICS GEL Venture 5

Click to learn more about the Venture 5
Click to learn more about the Venture 5

Perfect for rugged terrain, the Venture 5s have a rugged and sole with great tread. The gel insole provides added cushioning. That combined with arch support makes parkour attainable for those with the most painful plantar fasciitis. In addition, these sneakers are light, dry quickly and incredibly durable. They’re also available in wide widths making them a great choice for every foot.

evolv Cruzer

Click to learn more about the evolv Cruzer
Click to learn more about the evolv Cruzer

Cushy and low-drop, the evolv Cruzer is a great parkour shoe. It wicks moisture and because it’s lined with memory foam, is super comfortable. As a minimalist shoe, they provide great ground feel and the TRAX rubber soles stick to just about everything. This combination gives any traceur a feeling of stability and control. They’re so durable and comfortable, many people wear them as their everyday shoe for years.

Nike Free Rn

Click to learn more about the Nike Free Rn
Click to learn more about the Nike Free Rn

The Nike Free Rns have some pretty cool tread technology. The tri-star pattern expands on impacts and contracts on release, making it easy to land a quickly jump or slide to the next obstacle. Instead of traditional laces, these shoes use a Flywire to secure the shoe and prevent them from coming untied. They have a little extra cushion from most running shoes, which is great for people with joint issues. Finally, if you pronate, the cushioning in these shoes has helped some people correct their gait.

Dunlop Volley

Click to learn more about the Dunlop Volley
Click to learn more about the Dunlop Volley

Extremely affordable and hip, the Dunlop Volleys are an ideal parkour sneaker. They offer great heel support while remaining light weight and have a tread pattern that grips without holding too tight. Just about the only downside is that they don’t come in half sizes. At the low price point, they offer a lot of shoe for a little money.

New Balance 20v5 Vibram Minimus

Click to learn more about the New Balance 20v5 Vibram Minimus
Click to learn more about the New Balance 20v5 Vibram Minimus

The vibram soles are great for parkour as they provide great gripping ability while also maintaining tactile sensations. Crossfit athletes love them because they’re rugged and the laces stay tied – all things traceurs love in a shoe. Also, in typical New Balance style, these sneakers come in super wide widths to accommodate any foot and outsoles that are supportive without being confining.

Vibram KSO

Click to learn more about the Vibram KSO
Click to learn more about the Vibram KSO

One of the most minimalist shoes on the market, the Vibram KSO’s are sure to keep your feet connected to the ground. You’ll feel almost barefoot, but still keep your feet protected from the harsh urban terrain. Combined with Vibram’s super grippy tread, these shoes are sure to enhance your parkour experience.

Adidas Gazelle

Click to learn more about the Adidas Gazelle
Click to learn more about the Adidas Gazelle

Adidas is well known for making comfortable, durable sports shoes. The Gazelle is loved by traceurs. Many compare it to the Onitsuka Tigers, but at a lower price point. Depending on the shape of your foot, they may even fit better.

Take Flight Ultra

Click to learn more about the Take Flight Ultra
Click to learn more about the Take Flight Ultra

Famous tracuer David Belle lends his name to Take Flight. The Take Flight Ultra is often thought of as the ultimate parkour shoe. Flexible and durable, these sneakers offer great ground feel and unbeatable traction. Traceurs from newbie to experienced will love this shoe.

What Makes a Parkour Shoe Right for You

Everyone’s feet and joints are different. The parkour sneaker that’s best for your neighbor or best friend may not be the best one for you. What’s important is that you feel like the treads grip well and that the sneaker makes you feel in control and secure when you’re on the course. Laces that stay tied and an appealing look never hurt either. In the end, the best parkour shoe is the one that you love. Let us know which one you picked!

Zumba Pants: three things you need to know before you buy cargos, capris, or leggings

As a Zumba instructor, I can tell you that the pants you wear to class matter. In particular, there are three characteristics you need to look out for when selecting a pair of pants for Zumba – whether they be cargoes, capris or leggings.


  1. Fabric/Comfort: Zumba classes are high energy exercise and you’ll probably be sweating much more than you’re used to. You want to choose something that is made from a comfortable fabric. Cotton is comfortable in general and some do choose this type of material. However, I’d generally avoid cotton sweat pants because the baggy sweats will hold all the moisture . This can lead to skin irritation and one of the worst feelings… feeling chilled mid-way through your work out. The best fabric to look for in clothing to wear to your Zumba class, is one that is light weight , moisture-wicking, a breathable. Fabric with these properties will be sure to absorb all the sweat , and allow you to perform all your movements with ease and comfort, keeping you as dry as possible. Synthetics or a blend are great choices. There are a number of fitness companies marketing their brand of “keep coolâ€. Look for a 70/30 mix or even higher. No fabric will keep you from sweating, but the synthetics will not hold the moisture , resulting in you being kept drier and feeling more comfortable.
The Zumba Soft-N-Stretch Cargo Pants are made from a moisture wicking synthetic blend. Click on the image to check them out on Amazon.
The Zumba Soft-N-Stretch Cargo Pants are made from a moisture wicking synthetic blend. Click on the image to check them out on Amazon.

2. Stretch and Flexibility: This is mainly for aesthetics. While baggy pants, such as sweats, may give you enough room for movement, they’re not a great look for Zumba. Well fitting, stretch clothing is a much better look and feel for salsa and those hip accenting moves. Avoid any overly large or baggy fitting clothes in general as they will get in the way while executing the twists and turns that are a part of all our Zumba classes. Leggings such as these from Baleaf are a great option for Zumba and are made from a breathable, synthetic nylon/spandex blend.

Click on the image to check out the Baleaf workout leggings on Amazon.
Click on the image to check out the Baleaf workout leggings on Amazon

3. Washing: Always consider the material and ability to wash them frequently. The pants you wear to Zumba will get sweaty and will need to be washed often. You want them to hold up to repeated washing , and be made from fabric that doesn’t bleed out its bright pink or red each time. If you want pants that hold up to lots of washings, the Zumba Fitness brand is one of my top choices. With the multiple classes I teach daily, mine are washed regularly and hold up surprisingly well. Just be sure to hang dry the pants to reduce shrinkage.

Click on the image to check out the Zumba Feelin' It Samba Pants on Amazon.
Click on the image to check out the Zumba Feelin’ It Samba Pants on Amazon.

Ok, so now we have given you the general idea of what to consider when searching for the perfect pair of bottoms for your class. Here are my top pics for the best cargo’s, capris, and leggings for your next Zumba class:

The very best Cargos for Zumba

Lets start with the well known and true Zumba Cargo. That would be either the Zumba Highliter or Zumba Fusion pants. Both are great choices as far as cargo’s go. The Zumba Cargo’s are popular for more than a few reasons. They are lightweight , flexible , easy to wash, and their neon colors (such as blue or pink) do not fade. In addition the nylon fabric is quick to dry…eliminating that wet , chilled feeling that can come with sweat pants.

Zumba Cut Me Loose Cargo Pants.  These come  in a variety of colors, including some great bright colors. They have stylish belted look and the desirable tassels for “shakin itâ€.

Click on the image to check out the Zumba Cut Me Loose cargo pants on Amazon.
Click on the image to check out the Zumba Cut Me Loose cargo pants on Amazon.

Zumba Hilighter Cargo’s also come in many colors: neon blues, yellows, mutli-color, and also black or white. Instead of a belted look, these cargo’s feature a fold-over optional band…the youthful crowd can fold theres to have a low rise look , while those who are more mature and prefer stomach coverage can leave the band up. Lightweight and nylon, these are made from a great non-stick fabric (which you’ll appreciate during those sweaty classes) and are quick drying to eliminate feeling chilled on the way home from classes.


The best part of either of these cargos’s are that their length is adjustable. Nylon cords make it easy to adjust length, even turning the pants into capris if feeling extremely warm during class.

Note: Unfortunately this style is no longer available. 

Capris for Zumba

If you prefer capris, then there are multiple choices for you to pick from. Legging type capris can be form fitting and slimming, and quick drying too. There are many colors to choose from – black, red, or even patterned – so there will be no problem making that complete outfit match up.  Zumba’s Orbit Cargo Capri is an excellent choice. 

Check out the Orbit Cargo Capris on Amazon
Check out the Orbit Cargo Capris on Amazon

If you don’t want cargo capris, there are many other options to go for.  For example, these RBX draw sting capris pants are sweat-wicking and light weight — excellent for Zumba.   Look for brands with nylon material and that are on  looser side. Also look out for straps or ribbons to get that look Zumba look. You will find all colors, including white, black , purple, red, blue etc.  Choose something that feel like  you’re in the latest music video when your Zumba instructor puts in one of the current pop songs into the playlist!

Click on the image to check out the RBX Capris on Amazon
Click on the image to check out the RBX Capris on Amazon

Leggings for Zumba

Leggings are a great choice for those of us that do not want to feel any “jiggle†when we shake in class. With a great fit, you wont feel like your pants are bagging midway through the hour. Choose state of the art fabrics, such as Supplex or a spandex mix. Cotton might feel comfortable at first, but will hold moisture from the get go and you will probably feel like you’re sitting in a pool of water after class..not a great feeling, trust me I know!

These leggings are black but have a bright band to waken up the look. Stylish to wear into a store for errand before class too make these a great choice . Zumba Fitness has many options of leggings, both capris and full pant length.

Amazon has a great range of leggings for Zumba

The Zumba Retro Look

Some of us just want to have a throw-back time. Head bands, leg warmers are seen often, and pants are no exception. Here’s a great example of some super cute, retro feel Zumba pants with an awesome pattern.

Click on the image to check out these retro leggings on Amazon
Click on the image to check out these retro leggings on Amazon

Or maybe a hip one piece fitness suit like this sports jumpsuit, with pink and white detailing is the choice for you.. dance it out looking and feeling like your doing a little ’80s workout !!

Click on the image to check out this one piece Zumba outfit on Amazon!
Click on the image to check out this one piece Zumba outfit on Amazon!

Whatever you prefer – Capri’s, Leggings, Cargos or that retro look – there are a pair of Zumba pants for you. Just remember to make sure the fit is comfortable, flexible and breathable. Make sure your choice is washable, and then have fun picking the style and the color choices you prefer. I like to mix it up…lime green on top, pink on bottom or black on top with red bottoms.  Or wait, was that white on top and purple bottoms…too many choices to limit oneself..mix it up and have fun!

Best CrossFit Shirts – We Review the Top 5!

CrossFit shirts are undoubtedly one of the the most popular items of CrossFit clothing out there. Whether it be a shirt with a funny design that show off at your box (CrossFit gym) or a high performance shirt that assists you maximise your WOD, shirts are a must buy item of any serious CrossFitter. However, sometimes the task can be a bit daunting. There are so many companies, shirts, fabrics and designs out there that it can get overwhelming to sift through them all. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best shirts for Crossfit out there, to help you on your way,

There are certain key features to look for in shirts for Crossfit. Those features include breathability, durability, and comfort. There are also extra features you may be interested in, such as fast drying material, or a lightweight material to prevent heaviness. Let’s face it, you get very sweaty during a WOD, and fast trying and lightweight material can often make a big difference.

Don’t think you have to spend a fortune to get high quality, durable CrossFit shirts either, because that’s not the case. Shop at the right stores and you can find the best CrossFit shirts at very cheap prices.

Rogue Fitness Froning Eagle Shirt


Click here or on the picture above to purchase!

If you know much about CrossFit then you’ll know that Rich Froning is THE number one CrossFitter and arguably the fittest person in the world. He teamed up with Rogue to design and create a range of great CrossFit clothing, including this shirt. The shirt is more than just great on the eyes. This product has one of the coolest CrossFit shirt designs, making you look super stylish, but there’s much more to it than that. This is a great option for CrossFit clothing for men, or women, as a short sleeve athletic unisex shirt. It’s also made made lightweight, breathable material, which allows you to easily move around during your WOD.

Check out this great video of Rich Froning showing off some Rogue’s fantastic collection.


Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, affordable

Cons: Lack of color selection

Nike Element Half-Zip


Click here or on the picture above to purchase!

This fashionable long-sleeved top has a lot to offer. Whether you’re working out indoors or outdoors, this zip-up CrossFit shirt is comfortable, maintains an ideal body temperature, and allows for maximum movement during all your workouts. With a stand collar and half-zip closure at the front, it’s not only chic and stylish, but also easy to get on and off. It’s one of the best CrossFit womens shirts to wear alone, or to use as a layering piece. Another great feature if this shirt is that it has reflective elements which helps to increase visibility in low-light conditions. That means if your WODing at night and it involves a run outside the box, you’ll be safe from any passing cars!

If you’re shopping for CrossFit clothes for women and workout regularly, it’s ideal to find a machine washable shirt, to make it easy to launder. This authentic CrossFit shirt is machine washable and is also available in a wide array of colors.


Pros: Excellent color selection, machine washable

Cons: High cost


Amazon Get Low Ladies T-Shirt



Click here or on the picture above to purchase

If you’re more interested in funny or cute CrossFit T shirts,this is one of the top picks. We all know that when doing squats, snatches, or clean and jerks, it’s all about GETTING LOW! You can keep yourself motivated and keep pushing harder with this “Get Low†T-shirt, one of the best custom CrossFit shirts you’ll find. It’s a very comfortable, fitted T-shirt that lets you show off your personality when you head to your next workout. If you’re looking for cool T shirts for women, this pre-shrunk, quality t-shirt makes an ideal choice. Amazon has a lot of crossfit t shirts, with some great phrases and sayings, so even if you don’t like this particular t shirt, make sure to check out the other t shirts on offer.

Pros: Various sizes available, low cost

Cons: No color selection

Reebok EasyTone Double Layer Tank



Click here or on the picture above to purchase

If you want to get performance and style in one, the EasyTone Double Layer Tank from Reebok is the perfect pick. Made of a lightweight poly/cotton mix, the fabric of this shirt is soft and breathable, perfect for any WOD. Whether you’re doing push-ups, jerks, or kettle bell swings, this breathable wicking fabric will help you reach your next PR. Available in a bright, bold fuchsia shade, it provides a stylish, feminine look that makes you stand out from the crowd. It also offers some unique features that differentiate it from the rest of the CrossFit sportswear out there, namely its inner poly spandex layer which features resistance technology, to keep you dry and sweat-free for hours. Moisture is kept away from your skin, so you stay comfortable and dry, and can focus on making the most of each and every workout session.

Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, low cost

Cons: Lack of size and color options

Jaco Women’s Training Jacket



Click here or on the picture above to purchase

This training jacket by Jaco really packs a punch. With a cool shirt design and the ultimate in style, along with a great price, it’s not one you want to miss out on. With attractive features including a branded zipper pull, fleeced face lining, and a back notch to conform to your shape, it fits your body like a glove. This quality CrossFit clothing is perfect for indoor or outdoor workouts and is easy to get on. It’s ideal for an outdoor WOD during those colder winter months, or simply to throw on afterwards to help cool down. This white CrossFit shirt is warm and durable, but not heavy at all.

There are even pockets to keep small items during your workout. Machine washable, it’s simple to throw in the laundry after a sweaty workout. If you want to make the most of your workouts but stay comfortable and stylish at the same time, this Jaco long-sleeved hoodie works wonders. It’s also surprisingly affordable which is always a nice bonus.

Pros: Reasonable cost, durable, high quality

Cons: Lack of available sizes

Conclusion: where to buy the best CrossFit shirts…

Shopping for the best CrossFit shirts doesn’t have to be a huge challenge you need to face. These are some of the best options on the market today, but above all you need to make sure you choose the right type of shirt for your body type.

  • For a great design with light weight, breathable fabric, you can’t go wrong with Rogue’s Froning t-shirt
  • For women, you’ll need shirts that are specially designed for your body. These shirts have the same functionality as the men’s shirts, but are better suited for your body and fit more comfortably, such as the Reebok EasyTone tank. An added benefit off this sleeveless shirt is that it facilitates maximum range of motion, which will help you with your double-unders, pull-ups and rope climbs.
  • For those looking for funny crossfit t-shirts, have a look at the many shirts available on Amazon, such as the featured Get Low shirt.

Zumba Clothing for Sale – We Review the Best Places to Buy!

If you’re looking for a great place to buy quality Zumba clothing for sale, read our review and get some helpful, easy to follow tips and you can do just that. Find out where you can get the Zumba clothing you want, for the best deals.

Zumba is a popular type of group exercise, one that’s quickly gaining in popularity around the world. This type of workout is a great alternative to the traditional fitness programs you’re probably used to, because it keeps you up and moving. You don’t get bored with the same old routine, because it’s always new and exciting. The moves are fun and energetic, so you actually enjoy yourself while you’re working out. At the same time, you’re getting an effective cardiovascular workout that helps you burn fat and gain lean muscle mass. You can get in the best shape of your life, but before you get started with Zumba, it’s important to get the right gear.

Shopping for Zumba clothing and gear can be challenging if you’re just getting started, but there are a few stores in particular you can shop at to find a great selection at a reasonable price. Once you learn more about each and how one stands out from the other, it becomes much easier to see why these stores are considered as being the best of the best.


Store 1: Zappos


The Zappos store is known for shoes and purses, especially through their online shop. but this is a company that also offers a huge lineup of Zumbawear. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, the husband or even the kids, you can find everything you need in the Zappos collection of Zumbawear. You can go in person to one of their stores, or do all of your shopping online. This is an ideal option if you work long hours, or work strange hours and don’t seem to ever make it home on time to make it to the store before it closes.
Pros: Kids selection offered, easy to navigate site, stylish and trendy pieces
Cons: Some expensive pieces
Rating: 4/5




Click on the pictures above to check out some of the great range of Zumba gear on Zappos

Store 2: Reebok

Reebok is a household name amongst fitness enthusiasts. They’ve seen the trend in dance fitness, including Zumba, and have launched their own line of clothing. Some of the highlights include the Dance UR Lead and Fitnisrush dance sneakers, which are perfect for Zumba, and other types of dance aerobics. They come in a great range of colors and styes, including funky mid-cut version!


v44385_01They also have a great range of dance apparel, including legwarmers (perfect for those retro zumba parties!), leggings, and the cargos that are famous amongst Zumba dancers. The cargo are pants are a personal favourite. They’re lightweight and comfortable, allowing for a great range of motion while dancing. The Knit tie waistband is super cute, and I love the way Reebok has made mad them in contrasting colors. As usual, the pants are made with Reebok’s patented PlayDry technology, which wicks away the moisture from your body during the workout, ensuring your comfortable throughout.


zumba-cargoClick here or on the pictures above to check out more on!

Check out this video about Reebok’s new dance collection


Store 3: eBay

eBay makes shopping for Zumba clothing fast and easy. There are various different stores offering Zumba clothing for sale, but there are always a few that stand out. One is the 760GlobalzFitness store, which offers a wealth of different items for Zumba. From a hip scarf to cargo workout pants, you can find everything you need here. The prices are very reasonable and the store is easy to navigate through.
Although they do offer a fairly large selection of items, many of the listings are of the same items, so you may not find it to offer as varied a selection as you’re looking for.

The verdict

Pros: Decent selection, easy to navigate store
Cons: Multiple listings of same items, new stock listed infrequently
Rating: 2/5




eBay has a widge range of zumba gear. Click on the pictures above to check them out .

Store 4: Amazon

Amazon has one of the best marketplaces to check out if you’re looking for Zumbawear. You know you want to feel comfortable for the duration of your workout, but also look stylish and pretty. On Amazon, you can shop and find quality items that are actually going to last you, and which are available for a decent price.
Amazon is a good place to head if you’re looking for Zumbawear, like a pair of cargo pants from Beyond the Barre. They understand that everyone is different, and they are always there to help out in regards to sizing and style, no matter what the case. Amazon makes it easy to search and find what you need, and to complete your purchase. They are always adding new items to their inventory, so if you check back regularly you can find new, stylish pieces that you adore.

The verdict

Pros: Large selection, easy to navigate site, well-known and trustworthy site, affordable prices
Cons: Limited sizes available
Rating: 3/5




Click on the pictures above to check out some of the Zumba products available on Amazon!

Store 5: Activewear


The Activewear USA store is another top pick. They offer some of the most stylish Zumbawear, from fitted tank tops to spandex pants. With Zumba, you have a lot more freedom in terms of what you can wear for your workouts, so it’s nice to have a decent selection to pick from. Their pieces are available in a wide range of colors and styles.

The website makes it easy to browse though the huge selection, and you can sort the items by style and price. You can also see a page offering listings of all the new items, so you can check back regularly and know where to look to find all of the pieces that are new and exciting. Even though the quality of their items is top notch, the prices are surprisingly low. You can purchase an entire Zumba outfit, and get all the accessories you want to go along with it, without having to spend a fortune doing so.

The Verdict

Pros: Wide range of colors and styles, stylish pieces, easy to navigate site
Cons: Limited number of brands offered, some more expensive items, limited sizes available
Rating: 4/5




Activewear USA have a great range of Zunba clothing, as seen in the picture above. Click on the pictures above to check them out!!

The verdict

Pros: Quality items, low prices, wide range of sizes
Cons: Limited selection, difficult to navigate site
Rating: 3/5


Having the right Zumba gear makes all the difference in your overall experience. Find clothes that fit you well, fitted to the body but not so tight that they make you uncomfortable. These are just a few of the available companies offering Zumbawear, so take time to shop around, figure out what is available to you and make the right choice. Once you find the right Zumba clothing for sale, you can start making the most of your Zumba workouts.