Best Freestanding Punching Bag & Reflex Bag Reviews


Are you tired of the traditional push-ups, weight-lifting, spinning, and basic gym exercises? Are you looking for something more exciting? Then, a freestanding punching bag like an inflatable punching bag or reflex bag may be the solution to your boredom. What is a Freestanding Punching Bag? A freestanding punching bag is a cylindrical piece of … Read more

Best Safety Squat Bar, Squat Stand and Power Racks


While there’s no certainty yet that we are coming out of this pandemic anytime soon, Covid-19 restrictions have shut down many gyms and fitness clubs globally. Switching to a home workout regime isn’t simple if you’re used to a gym class for yoga and other exercises. It takes a lot of motivation to stick to … Read more

Best Straight Barbells & Curl Bar Set For Strength Training


With many fitness studios and gyms still shut down during the pandemic, it’s essential to get the best at-home workout equipment. Straight Barbells & Curl Bar Set are some of the most popular ones today because of their ease of use and size which is suitable for small spaces. What is a Barbell? Barbell, often … Read more

Best Lower Back Extension Bench


If you stop by a fitness club, you’ll see rows of machinery designed to stimulate cycling, walking, skiing, and stair climbing. No matter if they’re motorized or programmable, workout gears like lower back extension bench are a prime example of modern technology replacing rugged equipment. They have evolved dramatically over the years and have become … Read more

Benefits of Exercycle or Exercise Bikes + 5 Best Schwinn Stationary Exercise Bikes

Benefits of Exercycle or Exercise Bikes + Schwinn Stationary Exercise Bike Review - Features

Among many products whose sales skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, gym gears like an exercycle fall in the top few. With most gyms closing down indefinitely, fitness enthusiasts resorted to workouts at home, some following simple exercise routines while others indulging in establishing home-gyms thus stocking up on important gym equipment. What is an … Read more

Best Men’s Fitness Gloves for Pull-Ups, Weightlifting, Cycling and Cross Training


Gym Gloves, also called Fitness Gloves are primarily used for weightlifting, cross-training or cycling. They are considered one of the most significant items in the list of gym wear essentials. The main role of fitness gloves for pull-ups or weightlifting is securing your hands and providing them a firmer and improved grip when you lift … Read more

The Best Women’s Workout Gloves for Lifting Weights

Best Fitness Gloves for Women

Undoubtedly, strength training can improve your metabolism, help you lose fat rapidly, build lean muscles, and even enhance your mood. However, most professional athlete who are used to heavy weight-lifting also experienced hand injury due to friction. And if you’re one of these female athletes, looking for the best solution for your lifting problems, we’ve … Read more