5 Best Space-Saving & Compact Folding Electric Treadmill

exercise bike vs treadmill

Treadmills have evolved dramatically over the years and have become highly essential to modern fitness studios. With the latest self-folding features smart navigation, a folding electric treadmill now offers detailed mechanisms and customized running schedules that suit the user’s needs. You must be already aware that regular running is one of the best things that … Read more

What’s the Best Butt Lifter and Fitness Shapewear to Lift Buttocks?

Best Butt Lifter and Fitness Shapewear to Lift Buttocks

Before the butt lifter trend, we cannot deny that body-shaming was rampant, especially on social media platforms. In fact, women used to criticize each other for their body parts, and it is the prime reason why many people get highly conscious about their appearance, particularly women. Images of beautiful models with flawless figures made them … Read more

Best Adjustable Kettlebells: The All-in-One Workout Tool

Kettlebell Featured Image

Do you want to do high-intensity workouts without the fancy machines or a gym membership? Kettlebells have got you covered. Kettlebells are cast-iron ball-shaped equipment with a handle you might have seen in a gym. If you are new to kettlebells, finding out how useful they are might blow your mind. With this in hand, … Read more

Cross Trainer vs Elliptical Machines: What’s the Difference?

Cross Trainer Featured Image

Cross Trainers and Elliptical Machines are two different workout equipment with various similarities and differences. People are often confused and interchange both products, not knowing their full benefit or difficulty to operate before use. If you can’t decide whether to pick a Cross Trainer or an Elliptical Machine, we’ve got you covered. Follow us as … Read more

7 Best-Selling Plyometric Boxes & Adjustable Plyo Box Options

Best-Selling Plyometric Boxes & Adjustable Plyo Box Options

When you think of skipping, hopping, and jumping, you might instantly think of children of happy and excited children playing in the garden. However, during life, you might encounter grown-up athletes utilizing these basic movements as a part of their hardcore training program with the help of versatile plyometric boxes. These exercises primarily make a … Read more

Best Freestanding Punching Bag & Reflex Bag Reviewed


Are you tired of the traditional push-ups, weight-lifting, spinning, and basic gym exercises? Are you looking for something more exciting? Then, a freestanding punching bag like an inflatable punching bag or reflex bag may be the solution to your boredom. What is a Freestanding Punching Bag? A freestanding punching bag is a cylindrical piece of … Read more

Best Safety Squat Bar, Squat Stand and Power Racks


While there’s no certainty yet that we are coming out of this pandemic anytime soon, Covid-19 restrictions have shut down many gyms and fitness clubs globally. Switching to a home workout regime isn’t simple if you’re used to a gym class for yoga and other exercises. It takes a lot of motivation to stick to … Read more