Best Shoes for Zumba – We Review the Top 5!

What are the best shoes for Zumba?

As a seasoned Zumba instructor leading up to 15 classes per week, this is a very common question brought to me after the class. Rarely am I asked about the clothing options, picking out the right clothing apparel for Zumba, doesn’t seem to be a question most students seem to need advice on, but advice what is the best Zumba sneaker to wear with the latest lime green Zumba cargo’s is asked of me daily. The answer may not be a simple as you might believe. There are many shoes marketed as “Zumba friendlyâ€, but really you should be considering several important factors in picking out a pair for your class. And yes, Zumba is about bright fun colors, and yes of course how fantastic we feel in our Zumba classes is linked to not only our music but that inner diva brought about by out by those “fun†colors, but to keep your comfort level up during and even after class, don’t base your decision on the color factor or looks alone!

Here are some features to take note of and consider when looking for the perfect shoes design for Zumba, whether in the community , gym, dance studio or with your favorite Zumba DVD in the privacy of your living room floor . And yes, as runner & running coach, I can tell you that the shoes you use for running or other activities could be the very ones you avoid for your Zumba class.

The right zumba shoes depends on the surface you dance on. One of the first consideration you should include in your planning is the flooring your classes will be held on so you can make decision about the support you may need. Wood flooring is the optimal for impact and reduced stress on joints during some of the twisting movements famous in our classes such as our spins or the pivoting during that favorite meringue march. If you are on a very hard surface, hopefully your instructor provides lower impact moves to save on the wear and tear. In these cases opt for a more supportive, cushioned shoe, rather than a light weight version, slipper type. Carpeted floors provide other difficulties & with shoes of any tread could cause feet to catch and twisting movements can cause hyper-extension of joints. There are carpet gliders sold several places including, but in looking for shoes for classes held on carpet, I would recommend very low treading to reduce this griping issue, and in this case a slipper model type shoe could be a perfect choice.

These Sacouny Grid Type A5 are great fit for hard surface floors:

These Saucony Grid Type A5 are great Zumba shoes for hard surfaces.
These Saucony Grid Type A5 are great Zumba shoes for hard surfaces.

However, for carpeted floors, these Puma Janine Dance Flowers are a better option due to their low traction soles.

The Puma Janine Dance Flowers have low traction soles and are great for Zumba on carpeted floors

Support-Another consideration should be what kind of foot support do you personally need? Are you a pronator? Do you need more ankle support? Do you already have foot issues? One way to determine foot type is to take a simple water foot test like this one. This will help you determine what kind of arch you have and the support you may need in your shoes. The design of each shoe model tends to differ greatly, and knowing what foot type you have can be a important consideration. Will you be on a hard surface, spring wood floor, or carpeted floor? Support may not only depend on your foot type but the floor you will be on.

The Bloch Evolution is a great option for a split-sole with lots of support in general, but especially arch support:

These Bloch Evolutions have great arch support. Click on the picture to purchase!

Comfort & Cushioning: Your overall general comfort, how you feel in your shoes is not to be overlooked. Issues to remember and consider include, how breathable is the material, is the product mesh (which is notorious for rips and tares), canvas (more difficult to quickly wipe off), leather. Is the toe box large enough to give plenty of space to your toe area to avoid crowding? Some narrow shoes may not work for those needing that space.

Breathable mesh design like these Nike’s, can keep feet cool and comfortable in a sweaty Zumba class

These Nike Zubma Shoes have breathable mesh for superior comfort. Click on the picture to purchase
These Nike Zumba Shoes have breathable mesh for superior comfort. Click on the picture to purchase

Sole design: Check to make sure soles are sturdy for wear and tear of course, but also, you should choose a show with more flexibility than a running shoe. Low tread is important for all surfaces. For some the choice to opt for a split sole, more typical dance sole may be good choice if … Also, the heel of the shoe and the right “feel†of this particular aspect of the shoe is very important. comfort of the cushion level in this area is important as this not a good fit could lead to issues with achilles tendon as unless you are a seasoned dancer with very strong tendons in this area, you will want a tighter fit with restricted movement to support these tendons.


My top 5 five picks for best Zumba shoes of 2013:

My number 1 choice by far are the Nike Free Run. They are super flexible, very breathable because of some meshing on the top-no issues of ripping though, they have great arch support and the heals have just the right amount cushion. They work well with all floor types, and come in multiple colors choices, pink and black my favorite. I love them so much that I have personally owned and worn out three pairs! Love them!

Nike Free Runs are my number one pick! Click on the picture to purchase
Nike Free Runs are my number one pick!
Click on the picture to purchase

These Puma Voltaic are also a great choice as are many of the Puma brand. They are not overly flexible, but have great support for those needing a bit more in ankle and upper foot stability, have a narrow body for those with narrow feet, have smooth soles, so they are great for all flooring choices, and come in some great colors choices. Truly affordable and are great as a double duty both class and daily walking shoe.

The Puma Voltaic have great ankle and upper foot support. Click on the picture to purchase!

The Nike Musique is a tried and true Zumba sneaker. This shoe has been used by many Zumba students and is still a highly recommended. The narrow style fits like Puma, with a tighter heel area. The sole is not overly flexible, but is no tread so perfect for pivots and spins a part of all Zumba classes. They are not overly flexible, but after just a bit of wear, the shoe will fit your feet like a pair of gloves. Great, true to size fit, perfect for all types of flooring and a great price. The Nike Musique is great value.

The Nike Musique are a tried a tested Zumba shoes. Click on the picture above to purchase

Another great brand is Ryka.  The best option, by far, in their footwear would have to be the Ryka Transition. Check out your next Zumba class, someone in that room will be wearing these shoe’s, many times that person will be your instructor. There is a lot to love about these dance sneakers, very flexible, great heel cushion lining, and a great sole for those turns and spins. But one of the best things about this shoe, is they are built for the active woman in general so if you really need to get double duty out of a show, this one is a great option because although it is so flexible, comes in many color options, including bright shoelaces, this shoe is also surprisingly supportive so can keep your feet feeling like you’re walking on a great cushion both in your Zumba, weight training, sculpt & tone classes as well as your daily fresh air walk. Reviews are almost always positive in nature with this shoe, and they earn them.

As the name implies the Ryka Transitions are a great shoe for both on and off the Zumba dance floor
As the name implies the Ryka Transitions are a great shoe for both on and off the Zumba dance floor

One last shoe makes my top picks. The Reebox Realflex. These ones make the list of top fives for several reasons, great arch support for the flat-footed, breathable mesh, support but not overly cushy which can make the shoe too bulky for a Zumba work out, and Reebox tends to cut a little larger which is a great plus for those with wider feet. Lots of great colors, and if you’re a newbie to running, great shoe for short little training jogs makes it a bit more versatile.

Click on the picture to check them out on!
Click on the picture to check them out on!

These are my top five choices for Best Zumba shoes for 2013. Each are excellent, affordable and come with well earned great reviews. Now its up to you to pick the best ones based on comfort, affordability, if you may need a duel purpose type of shoe, and of course your personal style. One thing I am sure of & understand fully from leading all those Zumba classes each week, you need to feel stylish to let out the inner diva and add some personalized “flavor†to your moves to truly enjoy your Zumba class and get the most out of your workout!

Zumba Pants: three things you need to know before you buy cargos, capris, or leggings

As a Zumba instructor, I can tell you that the pants you wear to class matter. In particular, there are three characteristics you need to look out for when selecting a pair of pants for Zumba – whether they be cargoes, capris or leggings.


  1. Fabric/Comfort: Zumba classes are high energy exercise and you’ll probably be sweating much more than you’re used to. You want to choose something that is made from a comfortable fabric. Cotton is comfortable in general and some do choose this type of material. However, I’d generally avoid cotton sweat pants because the baggy sweats will hold all the moisture . This can lead to skin irritation and one of the worst feelings… feeling chilled mid-way through your work out. The best fabric to look for in clothing to wear to your Zumba class, is one that is light weight , moisture-wicking, a breathable. Fabric with these properties will be sure to absorb all the sweat , and allow you to perform all your movements with ease and comfort, keeping you as dry as possible. Synthetics or a blend are great choices. There are a number of fitness companies marketing their brand of “keep coolâ€. Look for a 70/30 mix or even higher. No fabric will keep you from sweating, but the synthetics will not hold the moisture , resulting in you being kept drier and feeling more comfortable.
The Zumba Soft-N-Stretch Cargo Pants are made from a moisture wicking synthetic blend. Click on the image to check them out on Amazon.
The Zumba Soft-N-Stretch Cargo Pants are made from a moisture wicking synthetic blend. Click on the image to check them out on Amazon.

2. Stretch and Flexibility: This is mainly for aesthetics. While baggy pants, such as sweats, may give you enough room for movement, they’re not a great look for Zumba. Well fitting, stretch clothing is a much better look and feel for salsa and those hip accenting moves. Avoid any overly large or baggy fitting clothes in general as they will get in the way while executing the twists and turns that are a part of all our Zumba classes. Leggings such as these from Baleaf are a great option for Zumba and are made from a breathable, synthetic nylon/spandex blend.

Click on the image to check out the Baleaf workout leggings on Amazon.
Click on the image to check out the Baleaf workout leggings on Amazon

3. Washing: Always consider the material and ability to wash them frequently. The pants you wear to Zumba will get sweaty and will need to be washed often. You want them to hold up to repeated washing , and be made from fabric that doesn’t bleed out its bright pink or red each time. If you want pants that hold up to lots of washings, the Zumba Fitness brand is one of my top choices. With the multiple classes I teach daily, mine are washed regularly and hold up surprisingly well. Just be sure to hang dry the pants to reduce shrinkage.

Click on the image to check out the Zumba Feelin' It Samba Pants on Amazon.
Click on the image to check out the Zumba Feelin’ It Samba Pants on Amazon.

Ok, so now we have given you the general idea of what to consider when searching for the perfect pair of bottoms for your class. Here are my top pics for the best cargo’s, capris, and leggings for your next Zumba class:

The very best Cargos for Zumba

Lets start with the well known and true Zumba Cargo. That would be either the Zumba Highliter or Zumba Fusion pants. Both are great choices as far as cargo’s go. The Zumba Cargo’s are popular for more than a few reasons. They are lightweight , flexible , easy to wash, and their neon colors (such as blue or pink) do not fade. In addition the nylon fabric is quick to dry…eliminating that wet , chilled feeling that can come with sweat pants.

Zumba Cut Me Loose Cargo Pants.  These come  in a variety of colors, including some great bright colors. They have stylish belted look and the desirable tassels for “shakin itâ€.

Click on the image to check out the Zumba Cut Me Loose cargo pants on Amazon.
Click on the image to check out the Zumba Cut Me Loose cargo pants on Amazon.

Zumba Hilighter Cargo’s also come in many colors: neon blues, yellows, mutli-color, and also black or white. Instead of a belted look, these cargo’s feature a fold-over optional band…the youthful crowd can fold theres to have a low rise look , while those who are more mature and prefer stomach coverage can leave the band up. Lightweight and nylon, these are made from a great non-stick fabric (which you’ll appreciate during those sweaty classes) and are quick drying to eliminate feeling chilled on the way home from classes.


The best part of either of these cargos’s are that their length is adjustable. Nylon cords make it easy to adjust length, even turning the pants into capris if feeling extremely warm during class.

Note: Unfortunately this style is no longer available. 

Capris for Zumba

If you prefer capris, then there are multiple choices for you to pick from. Legging type capris can be form fitting and slimming, and quick drying too. There are many colors to choose from – black, red, or even patterned – so there will be no problem making that complete outfit match up.  Zumba’s Orbit Cargo Capri is an excellent choice. 

Check out the Orbit Cargo Capris on Amazon
Check out the Orbit Cargo Capris on Amazon

If you don’t want cargo capris, there are many other options to go for.  For example, these RBX draw sting capris pants are sweat-wicking and light weight — excellent for Zumba.   Look for brands with nylon material and that are on  looser side. Also look out for straps or ribbons to get that look Zumba look. You will find all colors, including white, black , purple, red, blue etc.  Choose something that feel like  you’re in the latest music video when your Zumba instructor puts in one of the current pop songs into the playlist!

Click on the image to check out the RBX Capris on Amazon
Click on the image to check out the RBX Capris on Amazon

Leggings for Zumba

Leggings are a great choice for those of us that do not want to feel any “jiggle†when we shake in class. With a great fit, you wont feel like your pants are bagging midway through the hour. Choose state of the art fabrics, such as Supplex or a spandex mix. Cotton might feel comfortable at first, but will hold moisture from the get go and you will probably feel like you’re sitting in a pool of water after class..not a great feeling, trust me I know!

These leggings are black but have a bright band to waken up the look. Stylish to wear into a store for errand before class too make these a great choice . Zumba Fitness has many options of leggings, both capris and full pant length.

Amazon has a great range of leggings for Zumba

The Zumba Retro Look

Some of us just want to have a throw-back time. Head bands, leg warmers are seen often, and pants are no exception. Here’s a great example of some super cute, retro feel Zumba pants with an awesome pattern.

Click on the image to check out these retro leggings on Amazon
Click on the image to check out these retro leggings on Amazon

Or maybe a hip one piece fitness suit like this sports jumpsuit, with pink and white detailing is the choice for you.. dance it out looking and feeling like your doing a little ’80s workout !!

Click on the image to check out this one piece Zumba outfit on Amazon!
Click on the image to check out this one piece Zumba outfit on Amazon!

Whatever you prefer – Capri’s, Leggings, Cargos or that retro look – there are a pair of Zumba pants for you. Just remember to make sure the fit is comfortable, flexible and breathable. Make sure your choice is washable, and then have fun picking the style and the color choices you prefer. I like to mix it up…lime green on top, pink on bottom or black on top with red bottoms.  Or wait, was that white on top and purple bottoms…too many choices to limit oneself..mix it up and have fun!

Zumba Clothing for Sale – We Review the Best Places to Buy!

If you’re looking for a great place to buy quality Zumba clothing for sale, read our review and get some helpful, easy to follow tips and you can do just that. Find out where you can get the Zumba clothing you want, for the best deals.

Zumba is a popular type of group exercise, one that’s quickly gaining in popularity around the world. This type of workout is a great alternative to the traditional fitness programs you’re probably used to, because it keeps you up and moving. You don’t get bored with the same old routine, because it’s always new and exciting. The moves are fun and energetic, so you actually enjoy yourself while you’re working out. At the same time, you’re getting an effective cardiovascular workout that helps you burn fat and gain lean muscle mass. You can get in the best shape of your life, but before you get started with Zumba, it’s important to get the right gear.

Shopping for Zumba clothing and gear can be challenging if you’re just getting started, but there are a few stores in particular you can shop at to find a great selection at a reasonable price. Once you learn more about each and how one stands out from the other, it becomes much easier to see why these stores are considered as being the best of the best.


Store 1: Zappos


The Zappos store is known for shoes and purses, especially through their online shop. but this is a company that also offers a huge lineup of Zumbawear. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, the husband or even the kids, you can find everything you need in the Zappos collection of Zumbawear. You can go in person to one of their stores, or do all of your shopping online. This is an ideal option if you work long hours, or work strange hours and don’t seem to ever make it home on time to make it to the store before it closes.
Pros: Kids selection offered, easy to navigate site, stylish and trendy pieces
Cons: Some expensive pieces
Rating: 4/5




Click on the pictures above to check out some of the great range of Zumba gear on Zappos

Store 2: Reebok

Reebok is a household name amongst fitness enthusiasts. They’ve seen the trend in dance fitness, including Zumba, and have launched their own line of clothing. Some of the highlights include the Dance UR Lead and Fitnisrush dance sneakers, which are perfect for Zumba, and other types of dance aerobics. They come in a great range of colors and styes, including funky mid-cut version!


v44385_01They also have a great range of dance apparel, including legwarmers (perfect for those retro zumba parties!), leggings, and the cargos that are famous amongst Zumba dancers. The cargo are pants are a personal favourite. They’re lightweight and comfortable, allowing for a great range of motion while dancing. The Knit tie waistband is super cute, and I love the way Reebok has made mad them in contrasting colors. As usual, the pants are made with Reebok’s patented PlayDry technology, which wicks away the moisture from your body during the workout, ensuring your comfortable throughout.


zumba-cargoClick here or on the pictures above to check out more on!

Check out this video about Reebok’s new dance collection


Store 3: eBay

eBay makes shopping for Zumba clothing fast and easy. There are various different stores offering Zumba clothing for sale, but there are always a few that stand out. One is the 760GlobalzFitness store, which offers a wealth of different items for Zumba. From a hip scarf to cargo workout pants, you can find everything you need here. The prices are very reasonable and the store is easy to navigate through.
Although they do offer a fairly large selection of items, many of the listings are of the same items, so you may not find it to offer as varied a selection as you’re looking for.

The verdict

Pros: Decent selection, easy to navigate store
Cons: Multiple listings of same items, new stock listed infrequently
Rating: 2/5




eBay has a widge range of zumba gear. Click on the pictures above to check them out .

Store 4: Amazon

Amazon has one of the best marketplaces to check out if you’re looking for Zumbawear. You know you want to feel comfortable for the duration of your workout, but also look stylish and pretty. On Amazon, you can shop and find quality items that are actually going to last you, and which are available for a decent price.
Amazon is a good place to head if you’re looking for Zumbawear, like a pair of cargo pants from Beyond the Barre. They understand that everyone is different, and they are always there to help out in regards to sizing and style, no matter what the case. Amazon makes it easy to search and find what you need, and to complete your purchase. They are always adding new items to their inventory, so if you check back regularly you can find new, stylish pieces that you adore.

The verdict

Pros: Large selection, easy to navigate site, well-known and trustworthy site, affordable prices
Cons: Limited sizes available
Rating: 3/5




Click on the pictures above to check out some of the Zumba products available on Amazon!

Store 5: Activewear


The Activewear USA store is another top pick. They offer some of the most stylish Zumbawear, from fitted tank tops to spandex pants. With Zumba, you have a lot more freedom in terms of what you can wear for your workouts, so it’s nice to have a decent selection to pick from. Their pieces are available in a wide range of colors and styles.

The website makes it easy to browse though the huge selection, and you can sort the items by style and price. You can also see a page offering listings of all the new items, so you can check back regularly and know where to look to find all of the pieces that are new and exciting. Even though the quality of their items is top notch, the prices are surprisingly low. You can purchase an entire Zumba outfit, and get all the accessories you want to go along with it, without having to spend a fortune doing so.

The Verdict

Pros: Wide range of colors and styles, stylish pieces, easy to navigate site
Cons: Limited number of brands offered, some more expensive items, limited sizes available
Rating: 4/5




Activewear USA have a great range of Zunba clothing, as seen in the picture above. Click on the pictures above to check them out!!

The verdict

Pros: Quality items, low prices, wide range of sizes
Cons: Limited selection, difficult to navigate site
Rating: 3/5


Having the right Zumba gear makes all the difference in your overall experience. Find clothes that fit you well, fitted to the body but not so tight that they make you uncomfortable. These are just a few of the available companies offering Zumbawear, so take time to shop around, figure out what is available to you and make the right choice. Once you find the right Zumba clothing for sale, you can start making the most of your Zumba workouts.