The Best Crossfit Shorts: We Review the Top 5!


No matter what your WOD consists of – kettle bell swings, pull-ups squats, rope climbs or  thrusters –  shorts are one of the most important items of gears you can buy. With so many Crossfit shorts out there, it’s hard to determine which ones are worth the money. Crossfit is unlike any other type of workout, which means you are going to want the proper shorts that have the flexibility and durability to hold up to the most demanding metcon. Make no doubt about it, after Crossfit shoes (such as the Reebok Nanos or Lifters), a great pair of shorts are the most important item of clothing you’ll buy. Continue reading to find out which ones are the best!

The Top 5 Crossfit Shorts:

Reebok CrossFit Super Nasty Board Shorts for Men:


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Reebok is the official sponsor of the Crossfit games, and its no wonder they are stepping up their game. This unique Crossfit short guarantees to get you through even the most unusual movements during the WOD. These are the most comfortable recommendation, which again is no surprise, because they were developed by Crossfit athletes; making these shorts ideal for Crossfit training. Water resistant, UV protective fabric, and made from 100% cotton, as well as with bonded gusset that allows for total range of motion and contain an antimicrobial inner brief to help keep these shorts feeling fresh each time you put them on. Visually these are short shorts, but on the left leg is a large vertical Reebok Crossfit logo in baby blue. Each leg has a 3 inch side slit, but that’s not the only point of ventilation. The PlayDry technology has the ability to move moisture and increase ventilation.

Rokfit Booty Short for Women:


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Coming in a variety of styles, the Cross Training Short will be your go-to black short. You don’t have to worry about falling down or riding up-esepcially if your WOD is AMRAP; with the waistband a bit higher than most shorts, you will feel the reassurance that your booty wont be falling out; especially during HIIT or other workouts like double unders, or burpees. However size up!

RokFit Fight Short for Crossfit for Men:


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This high performance fight short is built tough, yet flexible. Heavy weight two way stretch body with double layer four way stretch inner flex panel, AND triple stitches on all seams, as well as a double hook and loop enclosures with a drawstring and 6†side slits, these shorts are very versatile; one of the top shorts for heavy lifts or metcon activities. The curved waistband fit the body perfectly to help prevent the shorts from shifting during training. These training shorts are the perfect pair for handstand pushups and rope climbs.

Nike Flex Shorts:


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This list wouldn’t be complete without one of the top names in the athletic company. With this in mind, I was expecting great things, they didn’t disappoint when they introduced their Flex shorts. Without being long or baggy, they look as nice as they feel. This year they upgraded to now feature Hyra Void technology with DWR finish. You get an 8†inseam, but now they added side slits so chaffing begone! The side slit pockets have plenty of room for even the biggest phones (iPhone 6s, I’m lookin at you). The 4-way stretch fabric is comfortable but substantial.

Hylete Mens Helix Flex-Knit Pocket Shorts:


Click on the image to check out the Hylete Helix Flex-Knit on Amazon

With the fabric of the future and a two-way drawstring, these shorts allow you to rock out with your drawstring out (or lace it up and tuck it inside for a clean look). The ultra-durable, lightweight fabric stretches with you, instead of against you- even for the deep squats, snatches, and box jumps that athletes do. The quick drying, moisture wicking fabric performs wherever, whenever. The zipper side pocket on both side are placed at the upper side seams of each leg so they won’t get in the way of your movements- whether you are hanging upside down or falling. These pockets make the perfect place for your ipod/phone/mp3. Whether you’ve got long legs or short, these are the shorts for you; they are available in regular, short/above the knee, and tall/long

UN92 Men:


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Made from polyester offering a 4 way sretch fabric, as well as a drawstring to ensure they stay put during an entire workout, and with a Velcro fly to keep you comfortable; its no wonder the athletes have remarked just how easy these are to wear, and just how quickly they dry after a session of even the most intense HIIT. This apparel is dying to be apart of your WOD gear.

Rogue Fight Shorts:

These shorts from Reebok have 4-way stretch fabric. Click on the image to check them out.

Click on the image to check out the Rogue Fight Shorts.

One of the top rated shorts among Crossfitters  are the Rogue Fight Shorts. More and more men are choosing to wear these while they perform their WOD. These bottoms com in black and offer a 2 way stretch polyester fabric, with a side slit, so you will never feel boxed into the short. Known for being lightweight and never to hold sweat (or odor), you are sure to feel fresh each time you put them on.


Honorable Mention:

UN92 Women:


Click on the image to check out the U92 women’s shorts on Amazon.

For those who want to add more color to their outfit, the UN92 WC Women’s Kettlebell Fit Shorts are for you. Made with breathable fabric that naturally wicks away water from the body, so you can stay cool during your workout. 4-way stretch fabric ensuring you never feel restricted, as well as an invisible zipper card and key pocket on the back for convince. The 3-inch inseam is ideal and will ensure you never want to take these training shorts off.


2pood Performance V. 4.0 Shorts


These have been among my favorite functional fitness shorts, not so much for the style though. I just don’t see the need for such an in your face logo on the side of their shorts. The material is middleweight 4-way stretch fabric that comes together with an elastic waistband with a tie together in the front. Being the V 4.0’s are not an overly baggy pair of shorts, they feel great and actually look outstanding once you get past the huge logo. These shorts look, feel, and perform awesome..however..on their site 2POOD states ““This is an amazing material but excessive scraping with barbell knurling will damage these shortsâ€. Obvioulsy this was part of the test, and this shouldn’t just be brushed off. After three wears, where the bar meets my leg is already starting to fade and have scratches. Keep that in mind, and just don’t wear these for days you have barbell work! Add this pair of active wear to your WOD gear collection!

2POOD Metcon Shorts:


Who loves short shorts!? Compared to the Soffe ranger panties, these are slightly longer making them more wearable day to day, but still have a 3†inseam. The Metcon shorts have the simple 2P logo that should really just be used on all shorts. No need to fuss with finding the right compression shorts to go with these because they have a built in liner. The camo has reflective stripes that will make sure you are shining bright like a diamond. With plenty of room for the thighs and a gusseted crotch so you wont have to worry about them catching. Best part? They don’t show wear like the v4.0’s!


Born Primitive Compression Snatch Shorts:

Men’s Snatch Shorts


Click on the image to check out the compression snatch shorts on Amazon.

Women’s Snatch Shorts


Click on the image to check out the women’s compression snatch shorts on Amazon.

Have you been doing Olympic lifts, and after a few sessions have your pubic bone feel bruised? I know I’m not alone. These shorts remind me of the Under Armour Compression Shorts; they wick away sweat, are light and stretch allowing you to feel free as a bird. With a heavy-duty waistband and a pad that protects your pubic bone-however this isn’t just some ordinary piece of foam- it’s made of little octagon pads that connect and are firm, yet never feels bulky. You may look silly but they actually do work. Even if you don’t have a hard hit on your hips, you are able to do more volume; its no wonder the brands slogan is “PR Without the Pain.â€

Born Primitive Renewed Vigor Booty Shorts:


Click on the image to check out these Crossfit booty shorts on Amazon,

Coming in a variety of colors and designs, these form fitting Crossfit shorts are 100% Supplex –the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology. Complete with a longer inseam for comfort, while the wide waistband keeps these training shorts not only in place, but they keep you covered. If you are between sizes, it is recommended to go down in size as these shorts fit pretty true to size, but can be slightly on the bigger side. Because of the material, these bottoms stay put-even through the toughest WOD, HIIT, or even a few miles. You wont need to worry about them riding up or falling down- these are a must.

Final thoughts

If you aren’t into the shorts scene, there are plenty of bottoms you can wear ranging from leggings, capris, and even skirts- without sacrificing mobility, function, or style. It’s also important to keep socks in mind, particularly when doing dead lifts or other exercises that can scrape up your shins! There are plenty of great socks out there that can provide solid protection. Alternatively you might like to consider compression socks, which can double up to provide improve recovery and performance.

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