Best Airbikes for Crossfit

Airbikes are the gym machine that offers almost infinite resistance level for a progressive workout at your home. Unlike other training equipment where you have to manage the resistance level manually as per your training, the paddling automatically manages the resistance according to your body’s physical movements.

Many gym Pro also uses the airbikes because it includes the upper body training as well. Unlike the other gym machine that focuses only on one muscle, it tones and strengthens the whole body simultaneously. Additionally, the cool breeze keeps you comfortable and sweat-free even with a CrossFit shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes during the workout.

Unlike the exercise bikes and running machines, there is not a vast choice when you go for airbikes. It is good as you don’t need to search hundreds of pages on the web. That being said, it’s tricky to choose the best return on your investment in terms of quality and price.

Top 4-list of the best Airbikes in the market

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The idea of Airbikes

The Gymnasticon was the first exercise bicycle that Francis Lowndes introduced in the late eighteenth century to British society as a multipurpose health machine. Due to its complex pully structure, it couldn’t get popularity until the nineteenth century’s opening decade. The popularization of bicycles reminded the people about the Gymnasticon.

The bicycle era flourished from 1870 to 1900 and eventually developed into workout devices that were used to put in the private gymnasium. One example of those gymnasiums was the Titanic Gymnasium, where the racing bikes were placed in pairs for a race between two friends.

When workout bikes reached the selling market, many commercial companies grabbed the opportunity to step into this emerging field, and Schwinn is one of those. Its innovative design and research work became the American’s most popular biking company and how the Airdyne Bike took birth. Airdyne was introduced in 1978 and became Schwinn’s best-ever selling bike because the American was concerned with cardiovascular health.

Are Airbikes worth it?

Airbikes not just sweat your body, but these have some tremendous benefits regarding health. Some of these are listed below.

    • According to WebMD, a health publication, Cycling is a top-notch cardio exercise that gives you the same exercise level as running without putting pressure on your joints.
    • Some researches show that an hour’s workout on an airbike can burn like 600 calories per hour; surprisingly, you will be watching your favorite movies on Netflix.

Reviews of the best Airbikes available in the market

Below you can find the best airbikes by the world’s best makers, just scroll down and pick one to start reshaping yourself.

Marcy NS-1000 Airbikes -Unique Air Resistance System

Marcy Fan Exercise Bike with Air Resistance System – Red and Black – NS-1000

      • Brand: Marcy
      • Color: Black and red
      • Dimensions: 45” x 26.75” x 48.75”
      • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
      • Item Weight: 58 lbs

Do you want a complete cardio workout in the comfort of your home? If yes, bring this Marcy air resistance bike to your home.  This stationary air bike not only burns your calories but strengthens your whole body from head to toe. The dual-action arms enhance upper body endurance while thighs and legs are strengthened as you paddle.

The Marcy airbikes are equipped with a powerful fan with variable resistance levels to train your body, while the dynamic airflow gives you a refreshing cooling effect during your workout. And the adjustable seat has seven variations for you to choose one that suits you well according to your comfort.

For toning the upper and lower body at the same time, you have dual action handles. And you get the ergonomically designed pedals for a safe and powerful ride regardless of any resistance level. You can easily adjust the resistance for customizing your workout to get the best possible results by the adjustable resistance knob.

Because the best workout is always result-oriented, so Marcy airbikes provide you an easy-to-read computer display to monitor time elapsed, distance, calories burned, and speed. Also, to analyze your training, you have a scan mode that helps you figure out the overall training.

This compact design airbikes are easy to assemble, and because of its transport wheels, you can move it anywhere around your home between the workouts without any fatigue. While its 14-gauge steel tubing and powder coating finish ensure sturdiness and durability. This 250-pound air bike with dimensions 45” (L) x 26.75” (W) x 48.75” (H) is like a gym at your home.


        • Quiet operation
        • Infinite resistance levels
        • Transportation wheels
        • Real-time data


        • Small LCD screen

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Ativafit Fan Upright Airbikes – Gym at Home

Ativafit Fan Bike Exercise Upright AirBike Indoor Cycling Fitness Bike Stationary Bicycle with Air Resistance System Grey

      • Brand: Ativafit
      • Color: Grey
      • Material: Alloy Steel
      • Dimensions: 54” x 20.8” x 39”
      • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
      • Item Weight: 6 lbs.

Does sweating annoy you during the potential workout? If yes, you got the perfect gym equipment for a potential workout with a cool breeze during  workout right at your home. This Ativafit airbike is equipped with a fan for providing infinite levels of resistance for your potential workout along with the cool breeze.

You don’t need to adjust the resistance level for your training manually; the faster you pedal higher the resistance level you get from 35 pounds flywheel for your workout. Additionally, you get more cooling breeze. A table bracket is there to place your mobile or tablet to keep you entertained during the workout.

A large LCD with an easy-to-read display is there to monitor your real-time heart rate, the time elapsed, distance, and the calories burnt to track your fitness progress. Because of the foot straps, your foot saddled with the paddles that help you to focus on training, no worries for unbalancing.

The package dimension is 39.4 x 26.2 x 9.8 inches, and the weight is 66.6 Pounds. Thanks to the transportation wheel that helps you to easily move or relocate it from room to room or in between workouts. No need to lift this heavy and sturdy gym machine and avoid muscle strain.

Be a better with you! With this affordable gym equipment at your home.


        • Device bracket
        • Infinite resistance levels
        • Transportation wheels
        • Real-time data
        • Pedals and foot straps
        • Belt drive


        • Noisy at higher speeds

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Marcy AIR-1 Airbikes – Dual Action Exercise

Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike for Cardio Training and Workout AIR-1

      • Brand: Marcy
      • Color: Black
      • Material: 14-gauge steel tubing
      • Dimensions: 45” x 25” x 47.5”
      • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
      • Item Weight: 79 lbs.

Spare yourself the gym membership fee and make your workout place at your home! With  Marcy Air-1 airbikes, you can get rid of heavy gym fees and save your traveling time to the gym without compromising your workout routines. And train yourself at your home with this top-quality home exercise equipment.

This Marcy workout airbike features 14-gauge steel tubing with an anti-scratch and powder coating finish. And its sturdy structure guarantees durability and long-lasting. Because of its dual-action exercise arms, you can tone and strengthen both upper and lower body simultaneously.

The padded adjustable seat can accommodate various height persons and facilitate proper posture and alignment during the workout. The proper alignment exposes those area of the body that requires tension and resistance. While paddling develops the multiple muscles group offering an infinite level of resistance.

The innovative resistance system introduced in this cardio bike uses a fan instead of the weighted flywheel, so you don’t need to manually adjust the resistance level for your workout. The faster you paddle, the higher resistance created by the fan. Moreover, you get the cool air that enhances comfort and endurance throughout the cardio training.

Additionally, you get a large LCD that displays the heart rate, calories burnt, distance, and speed to monitor your workout routines. The adjustable levelers and foot straps keep you balance while potential workout. And yes, it has the transportation wheels to move it from here to there between the workouts.

A heart-pumping cardio training airbike that won’t regret your purchase.


        • Device bracket
        • Adjustable levelers
        • Transportation wheels
        • Track progress
        • Foot straps
        • Adjustable Seat Positioning


        • Chain-drive require oiling

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Schwinn Airdyne Airbikes – Infinite Levels of Challenges



      • Brand: Schwinn Fitness
      • Color: Black
      • Material: 14-gauge steel tubing
      • Dimensions: 53” x 26.5” x 53”
      • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
      • Item Weight: 132 lbs.

Are you looking for a durable air bike to attain your full potential in the comfort of your home? If yes, Schwinn Airdyne is probably the best air bike known for its durability and performance while giving you the gym experience of workout regardless you are a gym pro or a weekend warrior.

best-airbikes-for-crossfitUnlike other airbikes available in the market, it has a single-stage belt drive system that efficiently transfers your pedals’ power to the fan. A belt-driven system requires low maintenance and provides an almost infinite level of workout challenges.

The padded seat has Multiple seat adjustments available to make you feel comfortable during the workout. And the multi-position hand bars provide you the best settings for your upper body workout. Also, the ergonomically designed pedal system combine with the hand bars movements helps you to strengthen your whole body.

It’s not the end yet, because it has a multiple-display LCD console to monitor your workout routines with metric readouts. Besides the Telemetric Heart Rate technology to observe heart rate in real-time, it also displays time, distance, speed, calories burnt, and your air bike’s RPM.

Moreover, it is easy to clean because of the powder-coated steel construction that makes it corrosion resistant and protects it from sweat and water, ensuring the extended frame life. Don’t worry about its 250-pound weight; you can move it around in your house with the transport wheels.

The best gym equipment at an affordable price that you count on for your workouts.


        • Single-Stage Belt Drive
        • Transportation wheels
        • Telemetric Heart Rate Technology
        • Multi-position handlebars
        • Adjustable Seat Positioning
        • Padded seat


        • Belt get loose with usage

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the belt and chain-driven airbikes?


The airbikes from their time of origin was using the chain-driven system. Still, many seasoned Pro love to use the chain driven airbikes but it is more likely to wear down and break over time. The chain-driven airbikes needs regular maintenance like ordinary bikes. Keeping it away from dust and water is sometimes necessary for the long life of a chain driven airbike. Also, it needs periodic oiling to keep it moving smooth and noiseless.

The belt drive doesn’t have a match for its efficiency and durability. The belt drive doesn’t have the links that tend to weaken and break in the end. It doesn’t require any periodic maintenance like the chain drive. It is also quieter than the chain drive that keeps your roommate or family members free from noise pollution. However, both belt and chain get looser over time that needs adjustments.

What does the LCD console offer?


Every airbikes come with a console that is used to monitor your workout routine. The state-of-the-art LCD consoles are easy to navigate your progress with a push of a button. You can use the pre-defined work routines or customize them according to your workout levels. You can track real-time heart rate, speed, RPM of airbike, the time elapsed, calories burned, and much more.

As airbikes don’t have any manual resistance level, and it gets more challenging as you paddle faster. So you have to monitor your progress in real time for results, and the smart LCD consoles serve it better.

What material is used to build these airbikes?


The airbikes are supposed to go through a potential workout, so these are made with material that keeps them sturdy and durable. Different materials are used for making these robust and sturdy airbikes to stay long with you. These materials include Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, and Carbon Fiber.

As you know, steel is a cheap raw material, and its manufacturing cost is relatively low than other materials. Also, it is sturdy and durable in use with can easily be repaired for damages. That is why most airbikes are made with steel tubing, which reduces the weight but is still robust and sturdy for extensive workouts. The powder coating for these steel tubes makes it corrosion resistant and scratch proof.

Is the seat comfortable and adjustable?



The airbike seat is padded with a thick foam that makes you feel relax throughout your workout without any distraction. With a padded and comfortable seat, you can focus on your workout without thinking about your uncomfortable sitting style. The airbikes seats have multiple adjustments to accommodate various height persons. It comes from six to eight variations to make your workout experience more comfortable.

Is an airbike good for weight loss?


Absolutely! The airbike workout is the best way to reduce your weight without observing any diet plan. One of the reasons for using airbikes is that it has tremendous results for burning calories. According to studies, you can burn 600 calories per hour with an intensive workout with stationary bikes, and it is 1.5 times more in the case of airbikes. It means you can burn up to 30 calories per minute with an extensive workout with an airbike. It makes airbikes an excellent machine for weight loss without using any diet plan.

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