What’s the Best Butt Lifter and Fitness Shapewear to Lift Buttocks?

Before the butt lifter trend, we cannot deny that body-shaming was rampant, especially on social media platforms. In fact, women used to criticize each other for their body parts, and it is the prime reason why many people get highly conscious about their appearance, particularly women. Images of beautiful models with flawless figures made them wonder if they can ever have such a figure like them.

Many ladies opt for artificial ways to enhance their bodies to boost their confidence and avoid these remarks. Fortunately today, women have a lot of options that don’t involve artificial implants. There are garments and shapewear that lift the buttocks and make you more confident when you go to the gym.

What is a Butt Lifter

Butt Hip Trainers are meant to provide women with a sandglass figure by mauling problem areas and improving the midsection giving one a perfect figure. No matter if you are naturally curvy or you require a little help chiseling the curves, the right bum-lifter can do wonders.

Kimmery Gym Shorts for Women Booty Lifting Athletic Tummy Control Workout Compression Butt Lifter Short Leggings Summer Quick Dry Sports Clothes Colorful Tie-dye L

Every woman loves to have a perfectly rounded and bouncy butt, and the trend of having beautiful butts is not going anywhere soon. Whether round booty or pear booty, the use of an ideal woman butt lifter will immediately enhance the overall look of your booty, buttock lifters are the gym wear that is responsible for lifting your bum.

Best Butt Lifters and Fitness Shapewear

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Benefits of Butt Lifters and Fitness Shapewear

Butt and hip lifter can do incredible things to your back, and you will notice it instantly. The benefits of using a butt and hip lifters include:

Get vivacious butt instantly

A healthy diet and squats might provide a practical butt lifting effect, but what if you desire this effect right now? Butt lifters grant instant results so that you can easily fall in love with your back appearance when you strut past a mirror.

They look utterly natural

Another great benefit of these super comfy butt lifters is that they appear utterly natural and can be a head-turner component in your outdoor outfit.

Easy to incorporate

Buttock lifters are effortless to cooperate in your everyday apparel, but you must own the right pair of butt lifters, further discussed in this guide. Butt lifters are crafted with a soft and gentle fabric that made it easy to fit them into your outfit.

Comfortable to wear

Butt lifters are effortless to cooperate in your everyday apparel, but you must own the right pair of butt lifters, further discussed in this guide. Butt lifters are crafted with a soft and gentle fabric that made it easy to fit them into your outfit.

Amazon’s Butt Lifters and Fitness Shapewear for Women

As far as our butts are concerned, we try to get a perfect figure like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian by doing exercises like squats and lunges. However, such a figure does not come overnight. Fortunately, when you want to give yourself a boost of extra beauty promptly, there is a booty lifter body-shaper to help you out.

While you can always get your hands on a pair of jeans that make your butt appear as more prominent as it can be, adding a comfortable butt lifter to your outfit can uplift your dress-up game instantly. From classic details that will leave you with a refined finish under all your dresses to sculpting, to gym shorts that provide a secure fit around your waist and thighs. Scroll down to look at Amazon’s best-selling buttock lifters, and if you find them appealing, then this guide is undoubtedly made for you.

We have listed the items that will make your lower back look amazingly impressive. You can thoroughly consider each product to make a choice that suits your need the best.

Gotoly Women Body Shaper High-waist Butt Lifter

Gotoly Women Body Shaper High Waist Butt Lifter Tummy Control Panty Slim Waist Trainer Black

Brand: Gotoly Women wear.

Product color: Beige and Black.

Dimensions: 10.24 x 6.38 x 1.26 inches.

Weight: 2.4 ounces.


The Gotoly Women Body Shaper is a perfect fitting butt lifter that is pliable and crafted from smooth and comfortable fabric. Whether it is for casual wear or exceptional occasions, this waist shaper is breathable enough to keep you homely throughout the day. Therefore, you can opt for it confidently, especially for summers. It will give you feasible stomach control and your butt an attractive lift. This butt lifter is beneficial for postpartum women too.

These captivating panties have eccentric lace to make them appear sexier and contain an elastic waistband. The edges are unwrinkled to ensure that the lines do not showcase the underclothing and provides you natural-emerging curves. This butt-lifter goes perfectly with every form of fitting clothes, including tight dresses, slim-cut jeans, yoga pants, and much more while still staying relaxed. This enhancer gives a versatile performance, and as it is utterly moisture-wicking, it works without harming the skin.


  • Easy to wear.
  • Made up of soft fabric and textured with silky fabric to enhance the beauty.
  • This booty lifter goes incredibly well with every type of clothing.


  • It phases out from the waist when worn by a huge woman.

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Ningmi Women Butt Lifter and Body Shaper

NINGMI Women Butt Lifter Padded Shapewear Enhancer Control Panties Body Shaper Underwear Black

Brand: Ningmi Women wear.

Material: Nylon and Spandex.

Product color: Black and Apricot.

Sizes: S/ M/ XL / XXL.


This buttock lifter body shaper is entirely flexible and durable. The material used in the production of these panties involves high-quality nylon and spandex, which makes them exceptionally strong and productive. This body shaper is facile to wear and uplifts your butt, making it appear a bit bigger and firmer. The padding can be added or removed as per your convenience, and the tummy will also get tightened as you wear it. The butt pads can be fixed smoothly and will not move with you changing positions.

It is an excellent under-garment to put under dresses, jeans, skirts, and denim shorts. With this in hand, you can also opt for them while preparing for a formal occasion such as date nights, success parties, and birthday dinners. These panties allow a great lift and look fantastic with any clothing. Another great benefit is that these booty lifters will hide your muffin top by securely holding it inside and provides a perfect figure and a slimmer waist.


  • Removable pads.
  • Secures the bottom and uplifts the butt to make it appear big.
  • They hide the saggy skin around the waist.


  • These butt lifters run small.

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Lover-Beauty Women High Waist Body Shaper

Tummy Control Shapewear Slimming Body Shaper Control Panty Firm Boyshorts Beige 3XL

Brand: Lover-beauty Women Wear.

Product color: Beige, Black and Coca.

Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.75 x 1.05 inches.

Weight: 5.61 Ounces.


Re-shape your figure with the customized 360 double-layered fabric. This highly elastic Lover-body women high waist butt enhancer is light-weighted and reliable. The first layer beautifully shapes your body, while the second part provides breathability by hiding your excess lumps and bumps. Finally, with the product’s flexible resistance band, it chisels a peachy hip curve and uplifts your butt instantly.

Putting this shapewear can boost your confidence level by making most of your body’s flaws unnoticeable that we encounter in everyday life, including the abdominal fat, irritating postpartum figure, and sagging hips caused by extensive working hours.

It is considered the most feasible butt lifters because we can choose from multiple sizes, which suits our body and preferences. The availability of two plastic bones on the sides hugs your body securely while you wear it.

Whether you are heading to a casual event or assembling clothes for a formal occasion for an entire day, this body-shaper will help you enjoy your beguiling curves at any time. Furthermore, the lace on the thigh bottom does not make you feel slipping down as you sit or stand up.


  • Availability of epoxy on the bottoms to keep the booty lifter immovable.
  • Completely invisible.
  • Hides excess fat and enhances the figure.


  • It does not contain butt pads.

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Sayfut Women’s Booty Lifter Shaper

SAYFUT Women's Butt Lifter Shaper Seamless Tummy Control Hi-waist Thigh Slimmer Black XL/2XL(Waist 31

Brand: Sayfut Women Wear.

Product color: Black and Nude.

Dimensions: 11.69 x 10.43 x 1.34 inches.

Weight: 4.16 Ounces.


Every woman idealizes a booty lifter that fulfills all of their requirements, and this Sayfut Women’s Butt Lifter indeed does all the hard work for you. The Sayfut Women’s Buttock Lifter features a circular back opening, and the product instantly lifts your buttocks while providing it with a more natural curve. In addition, another exceptional feature that it offers is the two-layered midsection design to flatten the stomach with higher compression while bestowing an hourglass figure.

These butt lifters come with two spiral steel bones at the back that provides back support, helps relieve back pain, and enhances the wearer’s posture. Additionally, it works exceptionally well for new mommies as it compresses the abs to bring back their original form.

If you want to send a lovely gift to your close female friends or relatives who are conscious about their physique and outer appearance, these butt lifters would surely make an ideal gift item.


  • It helps to relieve back pain by enhancing the user’s posture.
  • They create no panty lines.
  • They compress the stomach minimizing cravings.


  • It makes the buttocks look unrealistic.

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Kiwi Rata Women’s Seamless Buttock Lifter

KIWI RATA Womens Seamless Butt Lifter Padded Lace Panties Enhancer Underwear,Black,Small

Brand: Kiwi Rata Women Wear.

Product color: Black and Nude.

Material: Polyester and Spandex.

Dimensions: 13.78 x 10.47 x 1.81 inches.

Weight: 4.16 Ounces.


This impressive butt lifter is designed for women who specifically have flat or small hips to improve and provide them bigger-looking butts. In addition, these shorts are delicately made of high-quality polyester and spandex. They are sweat-proof and comfortable enough to be worn all day long for any occasion. The butt pads are easily detachable and can be fit inside single pockets. They will communicate with the body to create a sexier butt.

The padding can be detached, and the panties can be worn as regular shorts. These natural butt enhancers will assist in refining the hips and create a slim and smooth-looking waist without those unattractive bumps and muffin tops. The chic lace trim is invisible under any outfit, and it can easily incorporate with loose skirts or dresses.


  • The Butt padding is removable.
  • They are crafted with soft fabric, so they make a comfortable under-garment.
  • They have good flexibility and fit the body well.


  • The stitching that grasps the pads is thick and is vaguely visible under tight clothes.

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Nebility Women Butt Lifter

Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear Hi-Waist Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts Waist Trainer Panty (L, Black Butt Shapewear)

Brand: Nebility Women Wear.

Product color: Black and Beige.

Dimensions: 10 x 6.42 x 1.5 inches.

Weight: 4.3 Ounces.


The Nevelity Women Butt Lifter is an elevated butt controlling body shaper with steel bones to keep it in one place and maintain a sandglass figure while standing or sitting. The abdomen area features three rows of hooks to grant a smooth control of the stomach and make the size easily adjustable. Small breathable holes highlight the appearance of the butts and absorb excess sweats to keep the skin moisture-free.

The fabric used to customize this butt lifter is utterly smooth and flexible; therefore, it has a silky touch and can be comfortably worn both in winters and summers. Furthermore, the high-waist butt lifters help diminish the waistline, bestowing your seductive curves. The adjustable hooks make this butt-up-lifter conform to every body shape. No one will ever guess that you are wearing it because it is harmonious to your body.


  • It features steel bones that help in staying in shape.
  • It is crafted with a silky and soft fabric.
  • The waist-trainer maintains its flexibility.


  • It is a little tinier at the back.

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Shape Concept Butt Lifter Jobs

Shape Concept 002 Butt Lifter Shorts Levanta Cola Colombianos High-Compression Girdle Short

Brand: Shape Concept Women Wear.

Product color: Black, Cocoa, and Beige.


Shape Lifter Concept Butt Lifter is a mid-thigh slim shaper bifacial technical smooth fabric. The closures are flat to prevent compressing and leaving marks on your body. Furthermore, exceptional closing lifts and chisels your body and gives you an ideal sculpted bottom.  In addition, the bilateral stretch material produces a smooth but versatile fabric to make the butt-up lifters solid and durable. The product will not be apparent under the dress even if you opt for tight clothes.

The complimentary layer helps provide compression to the waist so that the internal elastic material prevents the butt lifters from rolling down. This up-lifter not only provides an eccentric view but also feels good to the skin. The regular use girdle will fit in with every outfit you want to wear and provide you with a desirable shape. Regularly wearing this butt enhancer is utterly fine because the fabric is highly cordial.


  • It features a smooth bifacial fabric.
  • The closure will not leave marks on the skin.
  • It provides a natural appearance to the user.


  • This up-lifter is not padded.
  • It features a low waist.

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FAQs About Butt Lifters

Q: Is it safe to utilize a Butt Lifter after undergoing a cesarean section?

A: There are various types of butt-up-lifters available in the market, with all of them usually safe. The ladies who have recently gone through a cesarean section are advised to skip lifting weights until the body gets ready for a body-shaper. However, wearing a butt up-lifter after giving birth also helps hide the excess stomach fat and maintain a flatter waistline effect.

Q: Which butt lifter suits us best, with or without padding?

Paddings may offer some comfort when sitting down but their actual benefit is more on the aesthetic side. Thick women who want to appear slimmer can opt for the ones without a pad. However, those who want to make their butt appear bigger can get the padded butt lifters. There are several padding sizes available, so make sure to get the one that meets your requirements.

Either way, both types serve excellent fat control and can be worn under any outfit to make the midsection appear smaller and less circular.


While purchasing a butt enhancer for you, there are many important factors to consider. Butt up-lifters are a prime example of a slimmer shape replacing a bulky figure. Butt lifters have evolved dramatically over the years, and with time it is getting more modernized than before.

These impressive body-shapers help to showcase an attractive figure and provide a sense of control and confidence. Buttock lifters are probably one of the best inventions in the last few years and the most worthy fitness items you could invest in. Choose from one of our top 7 best-selling butt lifters and flaunt off a figure that gives you the walk of confidence and attraction!