Top 10 Ab Cruncher and Ab Trainers For The Best Abs Ever!

It’s common knowledge that the abs are one of the hardest parts of the body to target and tone for that famous six-pack. Even if you can do crunches until you’re out of breath, they often don’t produce the results you see in yourself. That’s where an ab cruncher, ab trainer, or an ab machine comes in!

Ab machines are specifically designed to target your core! They are your best chance of getting the abs you’ve been wanting for ages! Getting cross trainers, back machines and ab crunchers can really help you have the most efficient workout at home. Read on and we’ll show you the best ab crunch machines available in the market!

Best Ab Cruncher and Ab Trainers

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Benefits Of Ab Crunchers and Ab Trainers

Many people may already be familiar with an ab cruncher. Some consider it gimmicky, but we’re here to tell you that you should give it a shot! Ab crunchers and trainers are more than what it looks like at first sight.

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In its most basic form, ab crunches firstly involve you lying down with knees bent, and hands positioned beneath your lower back for support. Then, you’d lift your head and shoulders, hold briefly and go back down. Basically, ab crunch machines are a series of equipment that enhances your ab crunches. Ab crunch machines can vary from those that involve you fully lying down to those that produce ‘mini’ crunches you can do while in a sitting position.

You Get A Full Range of Motion!

What does a full range of motion entail for your ab exercise? It means that each crunch done is maximized for its true potential. Most individuals without the machine will not be able to achieve their desired results because of incorrect form. Bad form isn’t easily spotted especially if you’re working out at home alone.

Through variations, ab crunch machines will work out your abs, upper abs, obliques, and even thighs! With a maximum range of motion and a proper form for your body, results are surely coming your way!

Gives You The Right Stress At The Right Spots.

Another difficulty people have with getting their groove on is getting the appropriate amount of stress to the targeted muscles. If the movement is not stressing the muscle and causing it to fatigue (in a good way), the muscle will not be developed. Ab crunchers help in putting the appropriate stress into your abs without sacrificing form and function!

Say Goodbye To Neck Pain!

Studies by manufacturers and fitness organizations have found that people often cite neck and back strain as reasons why they stop doing ab crunches. Ab crunch machines are designed to eliminate the strain and help you continue working out till you get that 11-line or 6-pack!

So Convenient And Easy-to-use, It’s A No-brainer!

The basics of normal ab crunches are easy, to begin with. Indeed there are issues like when the toes start lifting up or the neck starts pinching in, causing unnecessary discomfort. The ab crunch becomes even simpler if we eliminate the risk of that discomfort, and at the same time, ab crunches become an entry-level exercise with pro-level benefits.

Improves Your Core To Its Fullest Potential!

The core is a part of the body that dictates your performance in many other workouts. These key benefits translate into many other activities, such as lifting barbell sets, using squat racks, or even practicing parkour!

What Should You Look For In An Ab Cruncher?

Core Max 2.0 Smart Abs and Total Body Workout Cardio Home Gym , Teal/Grey

Here are some factors that we’ve considered that you should consider when looking to purchase your own ab crunch machine!


Comfort should not be sacrificed. This factor is often overlooked because of the ‘work hard, hard!’ mentality. However, it does play a role if you’re aiming for consistency and longevity in your ab workout. The ab crunch machine should be designed to alleviate concerns about other muscles of the body that are resting while the abs are being worked out. It ensures that the movement is being done only for the abs and is not hurting other body parts. The ab machine must also be suitable for your weight and not feel uncomfortable in any way.


If it doesn’t work for you, it’s not going to help you reach visible results. If the ab crunch machine is too easy or too difficult for your fitness level, it is not going to be optimal for you. The best ab crunch machines are versatile and offer a variety of positions that allow you to work out all parts of your abs.


An ab cruncher must be strong enough to handle heavy use two to four three times every week. If your unit is not sturdy enough and wears out quickly or breaks, it will be useless. Even if you’re simply taking too much precaution in fear of your ab cruncher breaking, that’s a sign that its durability is not reliable enough.


Value is more than the price. Purchasing an ab cruncher that costs cheaper but wears out quickly does not make for good value. Purchasing one that lasts a lifetime but doesn’t give you results is also not a good value. Look for an ab cruncher and trainer that meets the above criteria – is comfortable, effective, and durable! Then you’ll be able to confirm the value of money your purchase has given you.

Top 10 Ab Cruncher and Ab Trainer For The Best Abs Ever!

You’ve seen what ab crunch machines can do for you. You’ve also read up on the factors you have to consider—it’s time to choose the perfect equipment for your best abs ever! 

Core Max PRO With Resistance Bands Abs And Cardio Machine

Core Max PRO with Resistance Bands Abs and Total Body Smart 8 min Workout & Cardio Machine, Red/Black

  • Brand: Core Max
  • Color: Red/Black
  • Material: Foam, Aluminum, Plastic
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
  • Item Weight: 13.9 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 18 x 21 x 14.5 inches

The Core Max PRO With Resistance Bands Abs And Cardio Machine gives a unique dual-action resistance. It has a power-assisted rebound system that provides resistance & support in both directions. Therefore, it maximizes the workout and minimizes the strain on you! It also has a program for 8-muscle burning exercises that can be done in 8 minutes to make the everyday workouts a breeze for you! 

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MBB Ab Crunch Machine

MBB Ab Crunch Machine,Exercise Equipment For Home Gym Equipment for Strength Training with Resistance Bands, Abs and Total Body Workout,Sole Brand and Patent Owner(Red)

  • Brand: MBB
  • Color: Red/Black
  • Material: Foam, Aluminum, Plastic
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
  • Item Weight: 13.9 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 18 x 21 x 14.5 inches

Ab Cruncherhe MBB Ab Crunch Machine provides 21 exercise modes to train your core muscles with these easy-to-use abdominal trainers! It stimulates your metabolism and activates fat burning, so be prepared to shed all those belly fat away. Lastly, the ergonomic design with a thick padded cushion makes the product suitable for middle-aged to elderly users with health issues such as back pain, obesity, and more!

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TOGEDI Core Trainers Ab Crunch Machine

TOGEDI Core Trainers Ab Crunch Home Abdominal Cardio Machine Body Fitness Pectoral Muscle Biceps Building Workout Exerciser Equipment with Resistance Bands Exercise Guide Sport Towel for Gym Office

  • Brand: TOGEDI
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
  • Item Weight: 10.58 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 21.65 x 18.11 x 3.94 inches

 The TOGEDI Core Trainers Ab Crunch Machine is made of high-quality metal. It also has uniform weight distribution and a large, low body that provides good stability for your ab crunches. It’s also a big space-saver! When the handle is folded, it’s ⅓ its original size and it can be easily placed in small compartments!

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Fitlaya Fitness Abs Exercise Equipment

Fitlaya Fitness-abs exercise equipment ab machine for Abs and Total Body Workout, home gym fitness equipment for all ages.

  • Brand: Fitlaya Fitness
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
  • Item Weight: 10.58 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 21.65 x 18.11 x 3.94 inches

The Fitlaya Fitness Abs Exercise equipment offers you great versatility! You can customize 5-minute everyday workouts from Crunches, Push Ups, Sit Ups Cycling, Scissor Kicks, Lunges and so much more! It also has a thick padded cushion and heavy-duty construction for utmost safety and stability during your workout.

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eHUPOO Ab Crunch Machine

eHUPOO Ab Machine Abs Workout Equipment, Abs and Whole Body Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts,Core Strength Training&Abdominal Exercise Trainers With Resistance Bands for Home Gym.USA Patented

  • Brand: eHUPOO
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
  • Item Weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 21 x 4.7 x 18.7 inches

The eHUPOO Ab Crunch Machine is a workout staple that you shouldn’t miss! It’s perfect for muscle building, burning calories & cellulite reduction, improving circulation, boosting metabolism, sculpting your body, and making your health better! It comes fully assembled so it’s very easy to use! 

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MBB Multifunction Ab Machine

MBB 12 in 1 Home Gym Equipment,Ab Machine,Height Adjustable Ab Trainer,Whole Body Workout Machine,Thighs,Buttocks Shaper,Abdominal,Leg and Arm Exercises

  • Brand: MBB
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Iron, steel
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Item Weight: 21.5 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 21 x 6 x 17.5 inches

The MBB Multifunction Ab Machine is crafted with sturdy iron and steel, making it durable for long-term use. The Solid Iron frame comes with a whopping weight capacity of 250lbs. It also features a comfortable rubber gasket that effectively reduces the impact force generated during exercise. The resistance levels are also adjustable, helping you choose to increase or decrease the intensity of your workouts!

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Fitlaya Fitness Ab Machine

Fitlaya Fitness ab Machine, ab Workout Equipment for Home Gym, Height Adjustable ab Trainer, Foldable Fitness Equipment.

  • Brand: Fitlaya Fitness
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Foam, Alloy Steel
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 440 pounds
  • Item Weight: 27.5 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 37.6 x 16.6 x 7.7 inches

The Fitlaya Fitness Ab Machine is what you’d get if you’re looking for heavy-duty help with your ab crunches! It boasts a max weight capacity of up to 440 lbs. It also has a smart LCD training monitor that shows valuable data such as the calories burnt, workout time, and repetitions.

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Leikefitness Height Adjustable Ab Trainer

leikefitness Height Adjustable Ab Trainer Abdominal Whole Body Workout Machine Waist Cruncher Core Toner,Leg,Thighs,Buttocks Shaper with LCD Monitor AB9300 (Purple)

  • Brand: Leikefitness
  • Color: Purple
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
  • Item Weight: 14 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 38.58 x 14.57 x 30.71 inches

The leikefitness Height Adjustable Trainer balances both aesthetics and functionality. All the while, it does not sacrifice quality! This Ab Trainer is not only for abdominal training, but you can also train your arms, legs, and glutes! It’ll ultimately give you a stable and effective workout experience!

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BESVIL Stepper ABS Workout Equipment

BESVIL Stepper ABS Workout Equipment AB Machine Total Body Workout Fitness Exercise Machine Stepping Exercise Machine for Home Gym Workout,Black

  • Brand: BESVIL
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
  • Item Weight: 24.9 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 21.54 x 13 x 12 inches
  • Batteries: 1 LR44 battery required. (included)

The BESVIL Stepper ABS Workout Equipment is a newly designed and upgraded version of a multifunctional all-in-one machine that combines the power of ab crunchers and steppers. It offers an easy but effective way to allow you to train and tighten your buttocks, abs, biceps, triceps, legs, and arms at the safety of your own home!

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KESHWELL Ab Machine, Core Abs Workout Equipment for Home Gym, Waist Trainer for Women & Men,Height Adjustable Strength Training Abdominal Cruncher, Foldable Core Abs Exercise Trainer with LCD Display

  • Brand: KESHWELL
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Metal
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 440 pounds
  • Item Weight: 22 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 35.4 x 34.6 x 16.5 inches

The KESHWELL Ab Machine is an ergonomic ab cruncher that can withstand heavy-duty workouts! It has a 120-degree angle design with a curved sliding track and a separated slider that’s efficient for abdominal & core workouts. It’s been upgraded with a solid thickened steel frame, comfortable foam cushion and foam padded handgrip, and a max capacity of up to 440 pounds. The KESHWELL Ab Machine makes sure everyone can enjoy a durable and comfortable workout!

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FAQs About Ab Crunchers and Ab Trainers

There are so many queries about ab crunch machines online that you’re probably dizzy from reading it all. Don’t fret, here are the answers to the FAQs running through your mind!

Are ab machines really worth it?

A: Ab crunch machines are generally worth the purchase! They are also space-saving, making it easier for you to fit more equipment into your home gym.

Are ab crunch machines safe?

A: Ab crunch machines are generally safe for use. However, there are risks it can pose if you’re more involved in weight lifting than in any other workout or sport. When you use a lot of weight you usually want to keep your spine neutral so as to not put stress on your intervertebral discs. Ab machines can introduce some stress to your back and spine, and might not be ideal for your own workout routine. Otherwise, ab trainers are great for working out your core!

How many calories do ab crunches burn off?

A: This one comes with most workouts, but ab crunches burn up calories really fast. You can burn 8-12 calories per minute giving you a total burn of 261-374 calories for  30-minutes of rigorous ab crunches. And with the aid of ab crunch machines, you’ll build muscle and burn fat all at once.

Which muscles do the ab crunch machines work out?

A: Ab crunch machines have various types that may focus on certain areas of the abdominal muscles (abs). However, you have to make sure you find machines that work the lower abs, upper abs, and obliques. That way, you’re getting your money’s worth!

I’m using my ab machine correctly, why am I not seeing those six-pack abs?

An ab cruncher is only a single component in the process. You also need to eat right and do more workouts for the results to be visible/viable enough. If you are just using your ab machine – and you are using it correctly – you are indeed building muscles, but if you have a layer of belly fat overtop of those muscles, it will not be as defined as you want it to be. Use your ab cruncher alongside a great diet and a better lifestyle and you’ll get to your goals faster!


Based on all this info we’ve listed down for you, you’re all set to buying your ideal ab crunch machine! But if you’re also seeking other activities to accentuate your home gym’s current equipment, we’ve got many others! Dumbbells, foldable treadmills, and rowing machines are just some stuff you can check out. Whichever you decide to get, make sure it helps you reach your fitness goals.