Cheap MMA Gear for Your High-Intensity Workouts!


When you are looking to buy cheap MMA gear, you will not only be on the lookout for the lowest prices and the best discounts but you are also looking for the best quality gear.

Let us face it, an awesome design is also a big part of the decision. In this article, we review the best cheap MMA gear that you may want to consider buying.

Certainly, having the right MMA gear during your high-intensity MMA workouts will make the experience more gratifying because you have one less thing to worry about.

Cheap MMA Gear: We Review the Top Products

Check out our top recommendations if you are looking to purchase quality, cheap MMA gear:

Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeve Compression Training Rash Guard

cheap MMA gear

These Sanabul Essentials short-sleeve compression training rash guards for MMA BJJ wrestling are available in various colors and sizes. The Essential series feel like a premium product but at a fair price.

The Sanabul rash guards sport a classic, uncluttered style that helps you create that cleaner look. Also, the mesh underarms and gradual compression will keep you agile and offer better ventilation.

Most noteworthy, the manufacturer even added UV SPF 50 protection so you can wear them when you are out on the beach or the trail.

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Cheap MMA Gear: Jaco Women’s Compression Shorts

The Jaco Women’s compression shorts feature an elastic closure and body-hugging slim fit tights style. Lightweight and breathable spandex stretch shorts, the dual-layer poly blend wicks moisture, making them an ideal option for the best cheap MMA gear.

Satisfied customers describe them as squat proof and you do not also have to worry about accidental flashing even if in weird positions.

They may feel a bit snug but after wearing and washing them a few times, you will eventually get more comfortable. Some users recommend washing them before use. Also, you can soak before washing if you have an old machine.

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Venum Kontact Sporting Goods

The Venum Kontact Shin guards are available in various designs. Made of high-quality cotton and Velcro closure for a customized no-slip fit, albeit thinner, they allow for more realistic training.

If you are looking for cheap MMA gear, add these shin guards to your outfit. Note that they are recommended for light sparring. You may want to consider other brands of the MMA Overload such as the Hayabusa. Consequently, they will be a bit pricier.

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The Venum boxing hand wraps feature an elastic cotton material for comfort and strength. As an essential accessory for all boxing workouts, these hand wraps will guarantee good fit and protection.

The thumb straps allow for ease of use since they feature a hook-and-loop closure that promises a perfect and durable fit.

Available in several colors and two sizes (2.5 and 4 meters), you cannot go wrong with this brand. Venum is one of the world leaders in fight sports including boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai, among MMA gear

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Revgear manufactures its own brand of clothing and accessories, specializing in MMA gear. Also, the company offers a range of gear for Muay Thai, jujitsu, kickboxing, krav maga, boxing, karate, and other martial arts as well as general gym and workout gear.

Their tough Spartan Pro fight shorts in particular, with their reinforced lightweight, two-way stretch antimicrobial polyester fabric, always get top ratings.

This is because of the highest quality materials used for the shorts. They have also been tested for durability and are specially designed for increased performance.

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RDX Headgear for MMA Training

cheap MMA gear

This RDX headgear for MMA training has a removable face grill and guarantees cheeks, ear, and mouth protection. The RDS Head Guard is contrived with Maya Hide Leather material that does not split, fray, tear.

Also, the gear features tri-slabs of impact attenuating foam padding. It protects your head by providing robust shock absorption.

Finally, the quick-EZ hook-and-loop strap offers a protected and adjustable fit, thereby reducing the possibility of the head protector slipping off.

One user mentioned that the head guard was good before the visibility modification. After the modification, it became great. Certainly, that should be enough to convince you that this gear is a must in your list of cheap MMA gear.

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Cheap MMA Gear: Hawk Sports MMA BJJ Spats Leggings Tights for Men

The Hawk Sports MMA BJJ Spats Leggings Tights for Men are ultra-lightweight with all the advantages of UA compression leggings for men.

Breathable and reinforced seams of men’s base layer featuring LYCRA stretch panels for 360-degree mobility freedom. They are thin enough so you will not feel restricted.

For a minimum price and maximum quality, the Hawk Sports leggings may be your best bet yet for the cheap MMA gear you are looking for!

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Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector

This Diamond MMA Athletic Cup is the ultimate in groin protection for men who love contact sports such as MMA. The product is designed for repeated high impacts and can take direct hits to the groin without needing recovery time.

It is very comfortable to wear that you even forget it is there. In fact, the cup will not shift even after impact from a throw or a kick. Certainly, tougher than the other athletic cup brands.

Endorsed by MMA athletes, doctors, and urologists, to name a few, consider buying this cheap MMA gear for improved protection.

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NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts for Men and Women

The NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts for Men and Women are high-grade MMA shorts that are 100% polyester. Specifically designed for martial arts, they have aggressive leg side splits to allow you maximum kick motions and full flexible play.

Comfortable and breathable to wear, they are especially suitable for martial arts fighting. They are also elaborately sewed, sturdy and durable, and tear-resistant.

Moreover, it is impossible for you not to notice the exquisite hand-embroidered totem on the grappling shorts. Wearing a pair of these shorts will help you look more powerful – ready with high-impact movements with the assurance of comfort and protection.

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Neleus Men’s Compression Shorts Pack of 3

cheap MMA gear

The Neleus Men’s Compression Shorts Pack of 3 is 85% polyester and 15% spandex. It is made of soft and lightweight fabric that fits like a second skin.

Also, it features a non-abrasive fabric material with excellent elasticity and durability. Most noteworthy, the compression shorts can dry quickly, wick moisture, and offer two-way air circulation.

For sizing, we recommend that you follow the Neleus instead of the Amazon sizing and choose a size larger than your usual size.

You will love the shorts’ seaming, which works perfectly for fit and support. If you are looking for cheap MMA gear that is right on your budget and meets your quality expectations, this is worth trying out.

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Champs Breathable Mouthguard

The Champs Breathable Mouthguard fits like a glove, offering maximum protection and comfort. Specifically designed for combat sports like MMA, it has a high-impact, rigid outer-layer that can take even the hardest blows.

The protective EVA frame sends shocks to the toughest tissues while the dual-core feature doubles its shock control.

Also, it has a soft-gel inner layer for a more comfortable extra cushion. It boasts itself as one of the best breathable mouth guards since its three central air holes allow for maximum oxygen for A+ performance.

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Cheap MMA Gear: Our Verdict

If you are looking for cheap MMA gear that guarantees quality and protection, then these products are just what you need. Each is a popular and respected MMA brand, offering really competitive pricing.

Every item has its own benefits and functions. If you are looking for a good range of hybrid fight gear, then check out Jaco.

For anyone looking for cool MMA fashions as well a practical fight gear then the Sanabul or Revgear brands may worth a try.

If you are after MMA equipment and accessories more than clothes, then Venum is one of the key brands that offer equipment and accessories without you having to spend too much.

Women looking for fight gear and in particular bras and shorts will want to check the women’s offerings of the brands we mentioned. If Muay Thai is more your thing you will not get much better than the Muay Thai stuff we featured here.

Looking for compression socks? Check out our exclusive article for this must-have!

Finally, if you would like to know what other fighters think of a product you are about to buy, then Amazon’s customer reviews sections are hard to top.

So, go on and get into the action knowing that you are wearing the best cheap MMA gear and have not sacrificed quality for cost.


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