Best Parkour Shoes: Navigate Those Obstacles Smoothly


Check out our reviews of the best parkour shoes available in the market today. Initially developed by Sebastien Foucan in France, parkour is the latest workout craze. It is based on military training obstacle courses and can be done alone or in groups.

The basic idea is to move oneself from one point to another in a complex environment using no assistive equipment and arriving at the endpoint in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

The activity involves a lot of stunt moves, such as vaulting over objects, jumping, or somersaulting. Consequently, it requires high agility from anyone interested in learning it.

Typically, Parkour is practiced in urban spaces and can take several hours or several days to complete. For more information, check out this article from Topend Sports Network.

The intensity and high impact involved in this unique training require particular shoes to help prevent injuries. We help you choose the best parkour shoes so you can overcome those obstacles with as much freedom of movement as you can get.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Parkour Shoes


Firstly, depending on your natural arches, desired shock absorption, and overall comfort level, you may desire more padding or less. Some people like to feel the ground beneath their feet and dislike a thick layer of padding in the bottom of their shoes.

Puma FAAS 500: best parkour shoes
Puma FAAS 500 has great cushioning. Click to learn more.


Secondly, the tread and material of the sole of parkour shoes can greatly impact your ability to successfully navigate the obstacles. Some shoes stick better to concrete or wood. Some soles grip well on a wet surface while others do not.

Depending on the weather where you train and the type of obstacle found there, you may prefer certain soles to others.

Nike Free Rn: best parkour shoes
Nike Free Rn has great grip. Click the image to learn more.


Thirdly, given the multitude of situations traceurs can encounter while freerunning, many participants want shoes with a flexible sole and snug fit. Any slipping can cause blisters.

Flexible soles when coupled with gripping treads, provide a shoe that prevents slipping and injury.

Feiyue Top One: best parkour shoes

Tactile Sensations

Fourthly, to navigate through the parkour course most effectively, it is essential that traceurs feel the course beneath the feet, almost as if they are barefoot.

This tactile connection, also known as ground feel, is becoming common in many other sports as well but is a requirement in parkour sneakers.

Vibram KSOs: best parkour shoes
Vibram KSOs are some of the most tactile shoes on the market. Click the picture for more information.


Finally, parkour shoes take a beating, more so than in most other sports. No one wants to spend their paychecks buying new sneakers all the time, so it is important to find a parkour sneaker that will last a while. Price does not always dictate quality, so be careful in your purchases.

evolv Cruzer: best parkour shoes
The evolv Cruzer is known for durability. Click the picture to learn more.

Best Parkour Shoes

Feiyue Top One

Parkour has movements similar to non-combative martial art so it is no surprise that the company famous for making martial arts shoes also makes great parkour shoes.

Also, the Feiyue Top One is suitable for all ages and comes in sizes to fit males and females. The shoes are durable, lightweight, and have a flexible rubber sole.

Most noteworthy, they are some of the least expensive parkour sneakers on the market and durable enough to hold up for a long time.

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Puma FAAS 500 V4 Running Shoes

This is a great parkour shoe with a synthetic sole. The lightweight cushioning and exclusive FAAS foam inside both make the Puma FAAS an ideal parkour sneaker.

Also, the shoe is designed to encourage a natural stride and fit snugly to provide support without confining your feet.

Click to learn more about the Puma FAAS 500s.

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Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Best Parkour Shoes

The Tiger shoes look good and provide great support. Using an EVA midsole and flexible TPU heel, the cushioning and arch support are both top-notch.

In fact, they are incredibly lightweight and versatile. They work well in both urban and rural environments and offer incredible breathability.

They may not be as great for freerunning in the rain. Nevertheless, they offer great arch support for people with high arches and are quite durable. Freerunner/traceur Ronnie Shalvis also recommends these shoes.

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Vivobarefoot Men’s Primus Lite Running Trainer Shoe

Certainly, the name says it all. The Vivobarefoot is shoe truly leaves you feeling barefoot. There is nothing between you and the feel of the parkour course, giving you maximum control.

These shoes are so lightweight that some wearers have had durability issues, but they may also have wider feet as these shoes tend to run a bit narrow.

Finally, the soles are incredibly grippy and the sneakers overall look good. Although not the cheapest parkour sneakers on the market, they are well worth the parkour shoesBuy on Amazon


Merrell Bare Access 4

These Merrell shoes are the perfect combination of breathability and grippy. By optimizing Vibram technology in the soles and a full-cushioning zero drop, the Bare Access 4s provide light and intensely responsive sneakers.

This gives you maximum control and prevents you from slipping. Besides, the wider toe box is great for people with wide feet.

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ASICS GEL Venture 5 Best Parkour Shoes

Perfect for rugged terrain, the Venture 5s have a rugged and sole with great tread. The gel insole provides added cushioning.

That combined with arch support makes parkour attainable for those with the most painful plantar fasciitis.

In addition, these sneakers are light, dry quickly, and are incredibly durable. They are also available in wide widths, making them a great choice for every foot.

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evolv Cruzer

Comfortable and low-drop, the evolv Cruzer is a great parkour shoe. It wicks moisture and because it is lined with memory foam, is super comfortable.

As a minimalist shoe, it provides a great ground feel and the TRAX rubber soles stick to just about everything.

This combination gives any traceur a feeling of stability and control. These shoes are so durable and comfortable; many people wear them as their everyday shoes for years.

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Best Parkour Shoes: The List Continues

Nike Free Rn

The Nike Free Rn shoes have some pretty cool tread technology. The Tri-Star pattern expands on impacts and contracts on release, making it easy to land a quick jump or slide to the next obstacle.

Instead of traditional laces, these shoes use a Flywire to secure the shoe and prevent them from coming untied. They have a little extra cushion from most running shoes, which is great for people with joint issues.

Finally, if you pronate, the cushioning in these shoes has helped some people correct their gait.

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Dunlop Volley Best Parkour Shoes

Extremely affordable and hip, the Dunlop Volleys are the ideal parkour sneakers. They offer great heel support while remaining lightweight and have a tread pattern that grips without holding too tight.

Just about the only downside is that they do not come in half sizes. At the low price point, they still offer a lot for something that is quite affordable.

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New Balance 20v5 Vibram Minimus

The Vibram soles are great for parkour as they provide great gripping ability while also maintaining tactile sensations.

CrossFit athletes love them because they are rugged and the laces stay tied – both of which traceurs love in a shoe.

Also, in typical New Balance style, these sneakers come in super wide widths to accommodate any foot and outsoles that are supportive without being confining.

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Vibram KSO Best Parkour Shoes

One of the most minimalist shoes on the market, the Vibram KSOs are sure to keep your feet connected to the ground.

You will feel almost barefoot, but the shoes will still keep your feet protected from the harsh urban terrain.

Combined with Vibram’s super grippy tread, these shoes are sure to enhance your parkour experience.

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Adidas Gazelle for Women

Adidas is well known for making comfortable, durable sports shoes. The Gazelle is loved by traceurs. Many compare it to the Onitsuka Tigers, but at a lower price point. Depending on the shape of your foot, a pair of these may even fit better.

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Take Flight Ultra Best Parkour Shoes

Famous tracuer David Belle lends his name to Take Flight. The Take Flight Ultra is often thought of as the ultimate parkour shoes.

Flexible and durable, these sneakers offer a great ground feel and unbeatable traction. Traceurs from newbie to experienced will love wearing a pair.

best parkour shoes

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The Best Parkour Shoes: What Make Them Right for You

Everyone’s feet and joints are different. The parkour sneaker that may be best for your neighbor or best friend may not be the best for you.

What is important is that you feel like the treads grip well and that the sneaker makes you feel in control and secure when you are on the course.

Laces that stay tied and an appealing look never hurt either. In the end, the best parkour shoe is the one that you will have an affinity with. Let us know which one you picked!


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